Crypto Financial Security: Protective Measures and Security Systems

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Cryptoassets are digital currencies that operate through a digital technology called blockchain, this technology work through cryptography to maintain a decentralized and secure system.

Financial security in the Cryptocurrency space is essential to protect digital assets and ensure trust in the system. With the rise of virtual currencies, it is essential to implement robust measures to prevent fraud, theft and other illicit activities. Adopting advanced security practices not only protects individual investors, but also strengthens the integrity of the Cryptocurrency market as a whole.

What is KYC?

Know Your Customer process (KYC) is a diligence standard that financial institutions use to verify the identity of their customers. In the context of Cryptocurrencies, KYC helps prevent money laundering by ensuring that funds come from legitimate sources. This process may include verification of identification documents, residential addresses and other personal information.

What is AML and what is it for?

Anti-Money Laundering regulations (AML), policies designed to prevent individuals from hiding the illicit origin of their income through financial transactions. In the Cryptocurrency sector, exchange platforms implement AML systems to monitor and report suspicious activities, thus contributing to a more secure and transparent ecosystem.

What is KYT (Know Your Token) and how does it work?

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The Know your Token process (KYT) is an extension of KYC applied to digital assets. KYT involves monitoring Cryptocurrency transactions to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. By analyzing transaction patterns, platforms can detect unusual behavior and take preventive measures.

Two Factor Authentication System

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security by requiring two independent methods to verify the user’s identity. In the Cryptocurrency world, this could include something the user knows (A password) and something the user has (A mobile device), making unauthorized access to accounts much more difficult.

Global Financial Security Act

The Global Financial Security Act establishes a framework for international cooperation in the fight against financial crime. In the context of Cryptocurrencies, it promotes the adoption of global standards for KYC, AML and KYT, ensuring that platforms around the world operate with a consistent level of diligence and oversight.

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Security Systems in Ccoins

At Ccoins, security is a fundamental pillar and a top priority, which is why there are more and more features that contribute to the technical and financial protection of Ccoins. Thanks to features such as KYC, AML or protection systems such as 2FA, Ccoins’ multifunctional platform is one of the most secure in the Crypto market, being the only platform in the world that offers a real-time identity verification system. within the different internal services. Thus offering the greatest protection and security to users.

What is Ccoins Escrow and how does it work?

Ccoins Escrow is a service that offers security and trust to users who want to exchange Cryptocurrencies in the platform’s P2P market. When a trade is initiated, the system locks the seller’s Cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet until the payment is completed. Users can communicate via chat to agree on payment details and send the corresponding receipts. The seller must confirm that they have received payment and release the Cryptocurrencies to the buyer. If there is any problem, a trade dispute can be initiated and a Ccoins financial specialist will resolve the conflict. Ccoins’ Escrow ensures that the agreed conditions are met and that the funds are protected at all times.

How the Ccoins dispute system works

The Ccoins dispute system is a mediation and security process that allows you to request the help of a platform agent if there is a problem or disagreement in a Cryptocurrency exchange operation.

The agent acts as a mediator and analyzes the evidence presented by both parties, as well as the negotiation chat, to resolve the conflict in a fair and transparent manner. The Ccoins dispute system is activated when either party initiates a trade dispute. The agent will contact users and ask them to provide all information relevant to the case. In this way, the agent analyzes the information provided and will subsequently execute an impartial verdict. In this article you can see in more detail: What is the Ccoins dispute process and recommendations

Ccoins Identity Verification System

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In order to access Ccoins services, all users must complete an Identity Verification Process which usually lasts a couple of minutes, this process is executed through technology from MetaMap, a leading company in digital identification.

The user must upload an image of their ID document and a selfie. MetaMap analyzes the document and extracts the relevant data. It also verifies the authenticity of the document and the match with the selfie. MetaMap returns a verification result indicating whether or not the user has passed the identification process. This entire initial security process is necessary to comply with KYC and AML regulations at an international level, in this way security and trust is guaranteed to its users.

What is Proof of Life in Ccoins transactions

Ccoins is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a Proof of Life system to verify the identity of its users in each operation. The Proof of Life system consists of requesting a short 6-second video where the user must make movements with their face. The video is analyzed by MetaMap technology, a leading company in digital identification, which compares the user’s face with the identity document they registered on the platform.


The Proof of Life system can be requested at the time of initiating an exchange, by both the buyer and the seller, to ensure that they are negotiating with the expected person.

Biometric verification in Ccoins transactional services

Ccoins uses biometric data to secure most of Ccoins’ transactional services, allowing users to reliably verify the identity of their counterparty before carrying out any operation within Ccoins. Much like the “Proof of Life” process on Ccoins exchanges, it uses the data encrypted by MetaMap to compare with future validations on its various services. Learn: How the biometric verification system works in each of the Ccoins services.

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