Ccoins Identity Verification System

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Ccoins is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers an identity verification service based on technology from MetaMap, a leading company in the field of digital identity. Ccoins’ identity verification system aims to provide security, trust and compliance to users who want to buy, sell or exchange Crypto assets quickly and easily.

What is MetaMap and how does it work?

MetaMap is a platform that allows you to incorporate new users quickly, safely and efficiently, without manual or repetitive processes. Offers customized processes, quality data, AML compliance and regulatory licenses to facilitate business growth and product launches.

MetaMap uses artificial intelligence to verify the identity of users by comparing their ID documents with their selfies, using facial recognition and biometrics. Additionally, access more than 80 data sources from more than 20 countries, including government verifications, financial histories and watch lists, to validate users’ information and risk profile.

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What benefits does Ccoins' identity verification system have?

Ccoins’ identity verification system offers several benefits for both, users and platform, including:

  • Security and Privacy: Ccoins identity verification system protects users’ personal data and credentials through ciphering and encryption. In addition, it prevents identity theft or falsification, since the iris code is unique and unalterable for each individual.
  • Speed ​​and simplicity: Ccoins’ identity verification system allows users to be onboarded in just a few seconds, without requiring any physical contact or additional documentation. You only need a camera and an internet connection to carry out the process.
  • Compliance and expansion: Ccoins’ identity verification system complies with international KYC and AML regulations, ensuring the legality and transparency of operations.Additionally, the system is available in more than 50 countries, making it easier to expand and access new markets.


The Ccoins identity verification system is an innovative and effective solution for the Cryptocurrency market, which is based on the technology of MetaMap, one of the most recognized and trusted companies in the field of digital identity. Ccoins’ identity verification system offers security, trust and compliance to users who want to buy, sell or exchange Crypto assets quickly and easily, while facilitating the growth and expansion of the platform.

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Passports, identification cards, driver’s licenses and residence cards are accepted, as long as they are valid and legible.

If the system detects a discrepancy between your selfie and your identity document, you will be asked to repeat the process or contact Ccoins customer service.

At Ccoins all users are required to be verified and fill 100% of the security requirements to be able to operate in Ccoins.

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