With Ccoins, you’ll find simple rates without complications and hidden costs. You’ll always know how much each transaction costs you.

With Ccoins, find out how much each transaction costs. It's too easy!

Ccoins P2P

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

0%by trade

With Ccoins P2P, you have:

  • Safe cold storage to keep your cryptocurrencies even more secure.
  • Warranty security deposit (escrow) until transactions are completed.
  • Agile operations to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies.
  • A multi-currency wallet to store and check the status of your crypto portfolio.
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Ccoins Flip - Auto Flip

Trade between cryptocurrencies in one click

0.5%by flip

With Ccoins Flip and Auto Flip, you can:

  • Flipallows you to exchange one currency for another in one click. You can use it whether you need to make a transaction using a specific currency or simply want to protect the value of your portfolio.
  • Auto Fliphelps to protect your cryptocurrencies from price volatility, configuring your account to automatically exchange from one currency to another when receiving or sending from your wallet.
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Proof of life

Request proof of life from your counterpart to generate greater confidence in your exchanges.

by application done

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Ccoins deposits and withdrawals

Minimum amounts and fees for deposits and withdrawals in Ccoins 1

Criptomoneda Red Minimum
Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin 0.001 BTC Free 0.0005 BTC
Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum
0.01 ETH Free 0.005 BTC
0.002 LTC Free 0.001 LTC
DAI (DAI) Ethereum
30 DAI Free 15 DAI
USDC (USDC) Ethereum
50 USDC Free 25 USDC

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