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White Paper CCoins


Project Presentation

Public V1.0 | May 23, 2022


The cryptocurrency ecosystem and Blockchain technology have radically changed the way we perceive, interact and share our values. We have a lot of possibilities such as:


  • Trade products or services, with stablecoins like USDT, USDC, CCUSD
  • Traders, trade on a crypto-asset exchange platform
  • As a store of value
  • For the purchase of goods, services, and equipment


What gives us freedom, security, and efficiency.


CCoins is a platform specialized in offering solutions that allow its users to interact with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, whether through purchase and sale on our P2P market, or through use of our crypto-crypto conversion tool, Flip. Everything is intuitive and security is our fundamental pillar.


Users can use their local currency to trade on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) markets with multiple payment methods locally, in addition to interacting with over six types of currencies. These include our digital asset CCoins USD (CCUSD), bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT).

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In a world where digital assets are not yet widely known, CCoins provides a safe and easy-to-use environment for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. We have achieved this by implementing a P2P trading platform whose core is security; We have technologies focused on providing users with transparency in each transaction, whether by interacting with the cryptocurrency wallet, Escrow (guarantee deposit), proof of life (biometric re-verification in person-to-person operations), among others. Likewise, we want to support the adoption in the use of cryptocurrencies by facilitating their use with our solutions.



At CCoins we seek to break down the barriers around the tools that allow interaction with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a multifunctional platform, where users can, through essential security features, carry out transactions intuitively and with guarantees of transparency.  


It is not wrong to say that the true revolution in the financial ecosystem came with the appearance of digital assets. 

Blockchain technologies have been tested in different scenarios where they have proven their stability and support, however, the tools are complex and the learning curve is long, which affects adoption. All of these are challenges that CCoins solves through its multifunctional, intuitive and secure platform. 



Despite the difficulties and the narrative created by the traditional financial system, it is clear that the digital ecosystem is here to stay. In fact, the world economy is beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a secure medium that enables unrestricted and decentralized trading.

In this sense, the CCoins strategy is simple but powerful : create a global, intuitive and secure system.

Aware of the challenges present in the digital assets market, CCoins has implemented a system, hand in hand with strategic partners, to solve each of the possible challenges that arise in each transaction.

The goal is simple: close the gap between users and local markets, offering around six cryptocurrencies and more than 200 payment methods internationally.

Likewise, in terms of security, various technologies have been implemented, such as the KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification system, Proof of life (Allows you to verify the identity of the counterparty in an exchange), KYT policies (Know Your transactions) and AML (Anti-money laundering). 

Each of these tools gives confidence to our users and helps increase the integrity of exchanges.

Ccoins have no hidden costs. There is no commission for deposit. And transactions between CCoins users are free of charge.


CCoins Wallet

At CCoins we support the best cryptocurrencies on the market and we seek to expand this horizon every day, for that reason we work hand in hand with strategic partners such as BitGo, a leading digital asset security and fiduciary company in the industry. This allows us to offer greater security in transactions within the wallet and thus safeguard the value of your crypto assets.



At CCoins we know that a P2P market for cryptocurrencies cannot exist if the security of the transactions is not guaranteed. This is one of the biggest dilemmas in the digital asset industry. That is why we have implemented the Escrow system that automatically retains the cryptocurrencies involved in the exchange, so that the buyer and the seller can have guarantees and transparency when an exchange is made.

In essence, what happens is that the amounts traded are separated, remaining in custody until all the conditions for the exchange are met. In this way we ensure that both parties are satisfied, strengthening trust in transactions.

To guarantee the satisfaction of market participants, the figure of “Dispute” is used where a claim regarding the exchange can be made. In this case, CCoins specialists act as mediators and verifiers, analyzing the evidence and safeguarding the users’ crypto assets.


Life test

The proof of life is a technology offered by CCoins, so that the most demanding and cautious users have greater security when making exchanges. This tool consists of a brief biometric test that can be requested by anyone involved in the exchange, to confirm the identity of the account holder. The cost of this test is included in the commission charged to the maker (owner of the offer) and the taker (person who takes an offer available in the P2P market). The launch cost is the equivalent of US$1 in the exchange’s cryptocurrency once the trade is successfully completed.


KYC identity verification

In addition to the technologies mentioned, at CCoins we use the KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification system that allows us to verify that the person with whom the transaction is made is real and is who they say they are. This verification is done through supports, such as identity documents and proof of residence. In this way we can provide a safe environment and increase confidence in the trading of digital assets.


P2P market

Since the appearance of Bitcoin, P2P trading has become a key and popular instrument, because it allowed decentralizing the exchange with digital assets. In fact, it has been a constantly growing market. This shows confidence in these technologies.

In CCoins, in P2P trading, funds can be exchanged into any currency, whoever wants to buy digital assets can access different offers.


Challenges and strategies of the P2P market

P2P trading, like the entire cryptocurrency industry, is constantly facing multiple challenges associated with functionality, cost, and security. It is not uncommon for users to come across impractical platforms, which in many cases need others to operate, thus increasing the insecurity of transactions; It’s also not uncommon for many to be outdated, slow and cumbersome to use, or have high transaction costs, or worse, many of these costs are hidden. 

CCoins understands the challenges of P2P trading, prioritizes the needs of the user and clearly knows what the cryptocurrency market requires to continue growing, that is why it has created a multifunctional platform, where it is not necessary to resort to other platforms to carry out transactions. The tools are intuitive, and are constantly evolving.



With Flip, you can interact with the markets spontaneously. All you have to do is select a cryptocurrency, then choose the cryptocurrency you want to convert it to, and the conversion will happen automatically.


Send with Flip

With this feature, select the “Send Flip” option. You must have CCUSD where the funds will be taken, enter the amount you want to send to your recipient, and select the cryptocurrency you wish your recipient to receive. The conversion is done automatically, and your recipient will receive the equivalent in the chosen cryptocurrency.


Receive with Flip

In the same way, the reverse process is possible. The Flip option gives you the possibility, by default, to automatically convert all the cryptocurrencies you receive into CCUSD.


At CCoins we have different types of cryptocurrencies, stable coins and CCoins USD, a digital asset that is equivalent to 1 US dollar. Many other currencies will be added over time.






digital asset

Bitcoin (BTC)



Ethereum (ETH)





stable cryptocurrency

Tether (USDT)


stable cryptocurrency


Multi-language support 

At CCoins we started by providing service and support in Spanish, English and French. Many other languages ​​will be added over time.


ccoins.io UI preview

At CCoins we have an intuitive and secure platform that allows you to carry out operations in one place.

Revenue model

CCoins revenue will come from the following sources:  

conversion fee Each conversion made between the currencies will have a 0.5% fee.

P2P Market
The launch fee will be equivalent to 1 US dollar in the cryptocurrency of the exchange for each successful purchase or sale.

CCoins Wallet Fees
The fees vary depending on the cryptocurrency, as specified in the following table:

cryptocurrencyNetMinimum ShippingReceive (fee)Send (fee)
Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin0.001BTCFree0.0005 BTC
Ethereum (ETH)ethereum0.01ETHFree0.002ETH
USDCoin (USDC)ethereum50 USDTFree10 USDT
Tether (USDT)ethereum50 USDTFree10 USDT

The transfer fee is waived if the transaction is between CCoins wallets.


Mega Academy megaacademy.io

screen curso megaacademy frances

At CCoins, we have a mission to support and grow the community around digital assets; that’s why we created MegaAcademy, supported in three languages. Megaacademy.io is the perfect place where users can learn the basics of cryptocurrencies and all those fundamentals. Our training will give the novice user as an intermediary all the tools to use the crypto-asset platforms.


At CCoins we work hand in hand with great technology partners to provide liquidity, security and transparency in each of our operations. Our partners are BitGo, Chainalysis, Metamap, among others.

Through this strategic cooperation we carry out custody and security of crypto assets, as well as analysis of transactions with the KYT system, as well as KYC and AML systems.


At CCoins we have a multidisciplinary team with more than 12 years of experience, which has successfully participated in multiple technological projects. Passionate about the world of digital assets and believes in them as a great revolution in economic frontiers.

Distributed in different parts of Latin America, it is made up of designers, experts in marketing and software development, which have been the cornerstone for the creation of an intuitive, secure and transparent platform for our users.

Also, professional communicators, whose goal is to bring the CCoins business philosophy to the world, educating users on the proper use of crypto and blockchain technologies, and creating an informed community around digital assets.

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David A.
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Andrés V
001 andres vasquez
Andrés V
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Alejandro L.


At CCoins, we have developed a platform that fills the gaps left by our competitors. That is why we have developed a platform that allows you to carry out various transactions in one place and simplifies interaction with the crypto-active ecosystem.

This will facilitate the daily life of our users in a stable and safer environment provided by new technologies. We are convinced that CCoins will become a leader and a reference in the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets within two years at an international level.

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