In Ccoins, when two users initiate a transaction, our Escrow system automatically retains the amount of crypto traded. With the purpose that the buyer and the seller can carry out a safe and confident Exchange.

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The Escrow of Ccoins essentially deals with separating the cryptocurrencies that participate in an exchange and retains them until all the conditions interposed in the Exchange are met. The Escrow Ccoins system gives an additional layer of security in the Exchanges our goal is always to keep our users safe, and to achieve this our Escrow system is directly linked to a process called “commercial dispute” which begins when one of the parties does not comply with what was agreed within the terms of the exchange, in these cases A financial specialist from Ccoins enters to act as a mediator and verify the evidence provided by both parties.

The Escrow system is currently the best system for exchanging crypto assets on P2P platforms. At Ccoins we have built a platform based on security, taking into account various factors that together make it the safest P2P platform on the market.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

Each exchange on Ccoins will be backed by our Escrow system, which safeguards your cryptocurrencies until the transaction is completed.

Yes, of course! When you use Ccoins, you will be safe at any time, regardless of the cryptocurrency or token you are exchanging.

No, the Escrow was created to ensure that both parties – the seller and the buyer – can trust that they will be protected in each transaction on the Ccoins market.

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