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Something that we are proud of at Ccoins is that our platform supports the best cryptocurrencies on the market and we plan to offer a broader catalog to our users, which is why we partner with the best crypto asset storage company such as BitGo, by anchoring our BitGo wallets offer the best security on the market, but we not only offer the best security that can be achieved on P2P platforms, at Ccoins we believe that our wallets are the best for the innovative tools that are present in it, the Flip It is a very versatile tool that gives our users the freedom to receive a cryptocurrency that they do not want and exchange it for their favorite cryptocurrency, or simply, protect the value of their crypto assets by converting them into a stable currency, and as if this were not enough in Ccoins you can save when making shipments between users since we do not charge any type of commission in the transactions that are carried out between wallets of Ccoins users, that is why with the Ccoins wallet you have security, innovation and economy.

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Can I make transfers or withdrawals from my Ccoins wallet?

Of course, yes! All Ccoins users can send money from their Ccoins wallet to any address compatible with the cryptocurrency they want to send.

Can I receive or make deposits into my Ccoins wallet?

Yes. If you want to receive any cryptocurrency or token, you can use your Ccoins wallet to do so. You just have to provide the address from which the cryptocurrency is being received.

What is the commission charged for receiving or withdrawing cryptocurrencies?

You are not charged for receiving cryptocurrencies. The commission charged for withdrawing or sending will depend on the type of cryptocurrency; you can find the table with the rates here.

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