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At Ccoins, we know how important it is for our users to have a tool to mitigate negative fluctuations in the price of any cryptocurrency. It is no secret to anyone that Bitcoin, the most important cryptocurrency in the world, can experience drops in value of up to $10,000 over just a few days. This is something very common in the crypto ecosystem; that’s why at Ccoins, we have thought of everything.

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At Ccoins, using Flip, you can freeze part of your funds in crypto as stablecoins. If you wish, you can freeze directly in USD. Freezing assets in Stablecoins is one of the most commonly used strategies by crypto investors, and if used properly, can make your investments more profitable and help protect you from large price drops. In general, this strategy is used with stablecoins that are, generally, anchored to a stable currency such as the US dollar, maintaining parity of 1:1. At Ccoins, we offer USD and USDC under this method.

It is not always a good idea to keep your assets frozen. To know when you should freeze your assets it is very important to have a permanent follow-up of the market value of your preferred cryptocurrency. It is important to know when the market value is going down and when it is peaking; the idea is to freeze when the value is declining rapidly and steadily.

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Of course, yes! You can protect your funds in other cryptocurrencies with the stablecoins included in our catalog using Ccoins Flip.

With Ccoins, in addition to the stablecoins in our catalog, you can freeze your funds in cryptocurrencies through USD: you can convert your funds to US dollars using Ccoins Flip.

The strategy of freezing your funds in some stable currency such as Tether, DAI, and USD Coin, or in USD is used when there is a general drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies and you seek to protect the value of those cryptocurrencies.

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