Advantages of Cryptocurrencies

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Live test

Verify the identity of your counterpart using a simple test, and thus increase confidence in exchanges. We safeguard all data confidentially.

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Serious offers

All the published offers are authentic and will be attended to on time by the offeror. The transactions that are not carried out promptly will be deactivated on the platform.

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User Statistics

You will be able to consult user statistics such as average exchanges, the volume of transactions, and much more.

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The wallet is where your cryptocurrencies are safely stored. With a single view, you can check the status of your crypto portfolio.

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Whether you need to make a transaction with a specific currency or protect the value of your portfolio, Flip allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another in one click.

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Auto Flip

Protect your Cryptos from price volatility by configuring your account to automatically exchange one currency for another when receiving or sending from your wallet.

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Saved Answers

Save time during your exchanges. By using saved answers, you don't have to do more copying and pasting to answer frequently asked questions.

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CCoins Community

We want you to feel comfortable using Ccoins. We implement KYC (Know your user) and KYT (Know your transaction) processes in order to build a more secure community.

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