Ccoins Functions

Multi-crypto platform 
Within Ccoins you can use the most famous cryptocurrency in the world such as Bitcoin, but you can also exchange, convert and use other cryptoactives such as Ethereum and Litecoin or simply use stable currencies such as USDC, USDT, DAI or USD. 

More intuitive interface
We create an easier and safer path for our users, we have thought of everything so that you can enjoy a friendly experience, no matter if you are an expert trader, an investor or simply a cryptocurrency enthusiast who wants to save, with Coins is easier. 

Marketplace with serious offers
So that all users have a good experience with the P2P market, at Ccoins we guarantee that each offer is real and with a quick exchange for both parties, mitigating false offers or disabling offers from users who do not answer . 

003 mercado p2p ccoins

Conversion system or Flip

Now you will be able to convert your cryptocurrencies easily and quickly, if you use our Flip you will be able to convert to stable currencies or simply transfer your balance in cryptocurrencies to USD and thus protect yourself from abrupt price drops. 

Everything is safer with proof of life

We have developed a feature within the P2P exchange called “proof of life” which verifies in real time the identity of any user before making an exchange, perfect for exchanges with large sums. 

Wallet with creative tools

With our wallet, each user can make interesting movements, since all users registered within Ccoins have fantastic tools within their reach, such as Flip, auto-converted shipments and deposits, or the multi-crypto wallet. 

Payments adapted to your region

At Ccoins we take the trouble to compile the most used and secure payment methods for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for each country in the world, you will no longer have to see an endless list with methods that you do not know or use, Ccoins adapts to you. 

Low commission exchanges 

One of our best advantages is the low rate of commissions within Ccoins, being one of the P2P platforms with the lowest commissions in the market. In Ccoins only a small commission will be charged to the creators of offers and it will be applied at the time of making an exchange, as well as the small commissions for the use of our tools such as the “Flip”. 

Create offers with your ideal price 

Within Ccoins as a registered user you can create your personalized offers, if you do not want to opt for any offer from our marketplace you can configure an offer by determining a price that is more favorable for you, or the payment method that you like the most, you can even configure if you want to make a “Flip” within the offer, in Ccoins you can be creative with your offers. 

Maximum security and privacy

At Ccoins we are aware of the great importance of the security of the platform and the privacy of our users, that is why we have maximum security encrypted processes, as well as the implementation of AML systems such as KYC that is carried out through functions biometrics, in Ccoins you will not only be safe but you will also have the greatest privacy.

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Join the Most Advanced Cryptocurrency P2P!

Only in Ccoins, Buy and Sell your Cryptocurrencies at the best price through hundreds of offers in our P2P market or convert them to any of our 30 available cryptocurrencies.


Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

No, being able to convert your cryptocurrencies to USD is just a tool that Ccoins offers users to protect the value of their investments. Therefore, to withdraw your balance in USD, you must convert it to a cryptocurrency first.

The commission Ccoins receives on transactions in the P2P market is supplied by both transaction participants: 1 USD each, which also covers the Liveness Test service for greater security in the exchanges.

All you have to do is complete the registration and verification processes. Once you’ve completed both, all of Ccoins will be open to you.

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