Why shouldn’t you sell Cryptocurrency in Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp groups?

vender criptomonedas en grupos
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The danger of operating with your Cryptocurrencies on social networks.

Facebook, Telegram and Reddit are part of the social networks in which more communities around Cryptocurrencies have proliferated; their digital asset enthusiasts share their knowledge and experiences.

This has led to a dynamic of trade between individuals, whose main prevention mechanism is public references and white lists of “Authorized exchangers”.

It sets it apart from platforms such as Ccoins, this particular form of commerce dispenses with the most essential security mechanisms, such as escrow, biometric verifications or blacklist verifications.

Therefore, people who are indifferent to this risk are open to falling victims to scams, which are frequent due to the ease with which scammers can create new profiles.

Another of the means through which this type of risky exchange can take place is the WhatsApp instant messaging platform.

Many cheaters frequently invite the victim to negotiate in this space, due to the ease that this means for them to block their interlocutor once the scam is perpetrated, but above all, due to the lack of consequences. of this operation.

False references and impostors on social networks

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Unfortunately, in many social networks it is possible to create multiple groups, different profiles, and it is a common practice that through them, malicious people deposit information from false references to convince their victims to deliver their Cryptocurrencies in advance.

Thus, there are also scammers who infiltrate legitimate communities and carry out operations to gain the trust of the group, then taking advantage of the opportunity to defraud.

Another frequent strategy to defraud those who use these means to negotiate with Cryptocurrencies is Identity Theft

This consists of creating a profile with data almost identical to that of a reputable member (Generally an administrator or moderator of the community), and then writing via private messaging to those people who have publicly expressed their intention to sell, taking advantage of the confusion to steal funds.

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The solution to Crypto trading problems: escrow

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As you will see, selling Cryptocurrency in Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp groups poses a real risk, since scammers do not have to deal with stronger anti-fraud mechanisms, such as escrow and commercial disputes.

In addition, these spaces are an attractive medium for those who engage in this type of crime, since they have little to lose, since they are not forced to expose their identity.

All these reasons indicate that it is advisable to operate through proven and secure platforms.

On platforms like Ccoins, use a set of tools that are necessary to mitigate the risks of scams and, additionally, implement identity verification standards to detect malicious actors and maintain the health of their market.

In addition, they offer an interface that simplifies the buying and selling process, focused on being friendly for those who are just entering the Crypto ecosystem and easy to use for those who already have experience.

If you want to make smart and safe transactions and investments, keeping your Cryptocurrencies under complete security, Ccoins is an excellent option for you. You can start to learn more about this platform by completing the pre-registration process here


Selling Cryptocurrencies in Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp groups is a common practice, but very dangerous, since it can expose you to various types of online fraud. This text has explained some of the most common strategies used by scammers to deceive Cryptocurrency sellers, such as false referrals, impostors, and WhatsApp trading invitations.
These forms of commerce lack essential security mechanisms such as escrow, biometric verifications, or trade disputes. Therefore, it is recommended to operate through proven and secure platforms, such as Ccoins, which offer all these tools and also simplify the buying and selling process. So you can make smart and safe transactions and investments, keeping your Cryptocurrencies under total security.

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