Bitcoin invades the streets of Germany with the slogan “Healthy Money”

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On January 3, 2024, the German Bitcoin community launched an educational campaign to promote awareness and interest in the world’s most popular Cryptocurrency. Under the slogan “Healthy Money”, the orange Bitcoin logo was made visible in more than 150 cities in the country, through posters, billboards and electronic screens. In this article we tell you the details and implications of this initiative.

What is healthy money?

The concept of “Healthy Money” refers to a type of money that meets the following characteristics:

  • It is scarce and limited, meaning, it cannot be created in an arbitrary or inflationary way.
  • It is divisible and fungible, meaning, it can be divided and each unit has the same value as the others.
  • It is durable and resistant, meaning, it does not deteriorate or destroy over time or use.
  • It is portable and transferable, meaning, it can be transported and sent easily and quickly.
  • It is verifiable and authentic, meaning, its existence and legitimacy can be verified.

These characteristics are what make money an efficient medium of exchange, a stable unit of account and a secure store of value. However, fiat money we currently use, issued by central banks and governments, does not meet these characteristics, as it is susceptible to manipulation, devaluation, counterfeiting and confiscation.

Bitcoin, on the contrary, is Healthy Money, since it meets all the mentioned characteristics, thanks to its decentralized, cryptographic and mathematical design. Bitcoin is money that does not depend on any central authority, has a supply limited to 21 million units, can be divided into up to 100 million pieces, can be stored, sent securely and be verified at any moment..

What is the Bitcoin campaign in Germany looking for?

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The Bitcoin campaign in Germany seeks to awaken the curiosity and interest of citizens to learn more about this healthy money, which offers an alternative to the current monetary system, based on fiat money and credit. The campaign also seeks to educate citizens about the benefits, risks and challenges of using Bitcoin, as well as encourage the adoption and use of the Cryptocurrency in the country.

To do this, the campaign has created a website where basic information about Bitcoin is offered, such as its history, how it works, its value and its advantages. In addition, the campaign invites citizens to participate in workshops, talks and local meetings, where they can learn more about Bitcoin and resolve questions.These activities are carried out in person or via Telegram, and are organized by members of the German Bitcoin community, who are also responsible for the podcast Einundzwanzig, dedicated to spreading knowledge about Cryptocurrency.

The campaign has been inspired by other similar initiatives that have been carried out in other countries, such as Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, where a local economy based on Bitcoin has been created, or the Bitcoin Mural in Paris, where an artistic mural has been painted depicting Bitcoin’s fight against the traditional financial system.

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What impact does the Bitcoin campaign have in Germany?

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The Bitcoin campaign in Germany has a positive impact for both the Cryptocurrency and the country. On one hand, the campaign contributes to increasing the visibility, credibility and acceptance of Bitcoin, by showing it as a healthy money, which offers a solution to the problems of fiat money. The campaign also helps generate greater demand and usage for Bitcoin, which can boost its price and value.

On the other hand, the campaign benefits Germany, by positioning itself as an innovative, progressive country open to new technologies. The campaign also favors the development of a Bitcoin ecosystem in the country, which can attract talent, investment and business opportunities. Furthermore, the campaign can influence public opinion and politics by raising awareness about the need for favorable and fair regulation for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general.


The Bitcoin campaign in Germany is an exemplary initiative, which demonstrates the potential and interest that Cryptocurrency has in the country. The campaign seeks to educate, inform and motivate citizens to know and use Bitcoin, as a healthy money, which offers an alternative to the current monetary system. The campaign also has a positive impact for both Bitcoin and Germany by increasing its visibility, credibility and acceptance, as well as encouraging its development and adoption.

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