Security measures that you should consider in P2P transactions

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Cryptocurrencies have positioned themselves as one of the preferred alternatives investments among modern investors. However, to successfully invest in it, it is necessary to know the security measures of the Crypto market.

The digital asset market is accessible, has an easy-to-understand language and provides high profitability. However, before operating in this sector you must make sure that your transactions are protected, because only in this way can you keep your money safe.

Are you currently investing in Cryptocurrencies or do you plan to do so very soon? In this article we tell you what security measures you should consider to protect your digital wallet.

The importance of security measures in P2P transactions

Cryptocurrencies arrived to revolutionize the way of investing. They became an innovative option to store and make money without the intervention of the traditional financial system.

Having the possibility of growing capital and having complete autonomy over money is undoubtedly a great advantage for investors. However, said independence also implies being responsible for everything related to the investment.

In order to protect it, we tell you what are the security measures that you must take into account when carrying out your Crypto transactions.

Email address and unique password

Security Measures on Devices

When you register on a platform of Crypto Trading generally, It is necessary to have a username, an email account and a password to log in.

The most important data about your Cryptocurrency transactions will be sent to this email. Therefore, the information contained therein must be kept private if you want to keep your finances with Crypto always protected.

A good way to protect your information is to use your email address and password for the exclusive use of your investment platform.

Not only should you avoid using the mail to receive correspondence outside your Crypto transactions. You should also take care of what is related to your password. To do this, choose a new password; A combination that you do not use in any other site.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a technology that uses verification of various categories of credentials to verify a user’s identity.

Thanks to this tool you can protect your personal information and your money. How? Even if a hacker discovers your password, they will need to provide a code that only you will be able to access on your phone.

This code arrives randomly and changes every 60 seconds to prevent someone from making withdrawals or making contracts without your knowledge and authorization.

You can enable this authentication tool by downloading the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Then you must log in to the exchange or P2P trading platform, locate the security tab and enable multi factor authentication.

Review login history

Checking the startup history from time to time allows you to detect if there has been any unauthorized entry into the account.

In case of observing any suspicious activity, it is advisable to notify the Support Team of P2P trade or Exchange. In this way, the platform will be able to verify if there were misuses in your account and act accordingly.

If you notice a login you definitely do not recognize, you can also change your passwords and run an antivirus scan on your computer. In this way, you will be reinforcing the security measures of your account and your transactions will be more protected.

Not using devices or public networks

Security Measures on Devices

Using your mobile device in public places can be tempting, since at some point you will find it useful. However, this practice is not always convenient. Especially if it is about your transactions with Cyptocurrencies.

Public networks can sometimes install so-called keyloggers. These are programs that steal your personal information. These programs steal data such as names of usernames and passwords.

The solution? Avoid making Cryptocurrency transactions when you are using the free Wi-Fi at cafes or other public places.

Only use verified platforms

Untrustworthy platforms can expose you to cyberattacks and unwanted viruses.

To prevent your confidential information from being compromised by malwares or unscrupulous individuals, only use those that are verified and that guarantee the protection of your data.

CCoins is a secure alternative for P2P

CCoins is a “Multifunctional – All in One” web platform; where you will find all the tools you need to buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrencies.

In addition, you can carry out operations with stablecoins such as Tether, DAI, USDC and USD. CCoins P2P market is very intuitive and friendly.

On our platform you will find the best Cryptocurrency deals globally, with geographic location and different payment methods.

Also, at CCoins we guarantee that your information is kept confidential and your transactions are truly secure. For this, we have the following advantages for our users:

Security Deposit or Escrow

In the P2P market, our mission is to guard your assets, to release them at the moment in which compliance with the conditions of the purchase or sale offer is confirmed. Thus, our role is essential to prevent fraud associated with the exchange.

High-security, easy-to-execute identity verification process

The safety is key in our services, for this reason we have a special system designed for your protection.

A process equipped with the highest identity verification technology called KYC, intuitive and very easy to execute. Everything to guarantee you a shielded environment in which you can enter without risk.

Proof of Life in P2P market

CCoins has world-class technology in security for cryptocurrency transactions. The “Proof of Life” functionality, Ccoins verifies in real time the identity of any user before making an exchange.

How do we do it? Through a request to the user for a short video with a sequence of movements or reading of randomly generated numbers. This video can be created through a secure link from a mobile phone for greater practicality.

Then, CCoins confirms in less than 1 minute the identity of the user with whom you are going to carry out the operation; thus we minimize risks in transactions and increase the reliability of our platform.

In this validation process, your data is 100% protected, the identity of the user will be validated without compromising their data, since they never leave the platform.

CCoins is among the most secure P2P Platforms in the world. On our platform you will have agile and secure transactions, you will also enjoy the confidence that all our functionalities offer you in the P2P market.


The Crypto market provides a universe of opportunities to make your investments profitable. However, to successfully operate, grow and advance in this market you must have a robust and reliable platform.

In CCoins we offer you a secure platform; we help you grow in the field, to choose the cryptocurrency of your choice and to execute your exchanges in a truly reliable environment.

In addition, at CCoins we have a trained staff to attend to any requirement you have and when you need it. Do not hesitate, join us.

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