Stablecoin: What are stablecoins and how this type of token is classified

Stablecoins are digital assets that stabilize their value through the use of another asset,  such as fiat money, commodities or other cryptocurrencies.

Stablecoins are a type of Cryptocurrency that try to maintain a stable value linking up to other external assets, such as a fiat currency, commodity, or Cryptocurrency. Stablecoins emerge as an alternative to the high volatility of the most popular Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or Ethereum: Ether, which make it difficult to use them as a means of payment or investment. In this article, we will explain what stablecoins are, how they work, and which are the most used in the current market.

What are stable coins or Stablecoin?

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A term that has been gaining relevance in recent years of rises and falls in the prices of Crypto assets is that of “Stablecoin”, and it is that these currencies are digital assets that have been created with a single purpose, that their value is always stable and does not have fluctuations or at least that these are insignificant. This is why it is very normal to find that stablecoins are anchored or make use of some physical assets such as fiat money, including the US Dollar or the Euro, raw materials such as gold or other materials, and even some stable currencies make use of others Cryptocurrencies to maintain their fixed value on a constant basis.

As we mentioned before, stable coins always seek to keep their price under control and without any exaggerated variation, but what makes these coins striking is that they have the best of two worlds, by anchoring a token to a dollar, said dollar will be represented in digital form through the token and can be controlled through Blockchain technology, which offers greater security and transactional monitoring that only a chain of blocks can offer.

What types of stablecoins are there?

Among stablecoins there are several stablecoin types, which differ in the design of the currency and the way to ensure a fixed price, since they all have the same level of stability.

  • Fiat-backed stablecoin: They are based on a conventional currency, such as the dollar or the euro, and their value is equal to that of the currency that supports them.
  • Asset-backed stablecoin: They are based on a real asset, such as gold or oil, and their stability depends on the value of the assets that back them.
  • Algorithm-backed stablecoins: They are based on a mathematical system that regulates the supply and demand of the currency, without a material backing.
  • Stablecoins backed by tokens and Cryptocurrencies: They are based on a mix of digital assets and use a supply regulation algorithm to keep their value stable.


Each type of stablecoin has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the use and the objective that you want to give it.

Which type of stablecoin is right for me?

To avoid fluctuations in the value of Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins offer a safe and stable alternative. However, there are many different stablecoins on the market, How can we know which stablecoin best suits our financial interests and goals?

What should you know to choose a stablecoin? Here are some important points:


Stability approach and mechanism: How the currency maintains its value and which method it uses. Some stablecoins have an asset pool and others use algorithms.


Asset reserve: If the stablecoin has an asset pool, what assets does it have and in what amount. This affects its stability and its value.


Liquidity: The facility to buy and sell the currency in the market. A highly liquid stablecoin means you can trade it without its value changing.


Transparency: The clarity of the Stablecoin. If there are audits and transparency in the management of the asset reserve. Some stablecoins use physical assets and fiat money, and you have to know if they exist.


Security: The protection of the stablecoin. You should always see if the coin is backed by a reputable entity and if it has security measures to protect your money.


Integration with financial platforms and services: If you want to use your stablecoin to make daily transactions, you should choose one that has a lot of integration with financial platforms and services, so you can use your stablecoin to buy, pay and transfer without problems.


Regulation: You must choose a stablecoin that is regulated by a competent authority and has a robust security system. Thus, your investment will be protected and the token will meet the necessary standards to be used in financial transactions.


Applications: Some stablecoins are made for specific uses, such as trading or paying off debts. Think about what you need and what you want before choosing a stablecoin.


Adoption: You should consider adopting the stablecoin. If it is widely used and accepted in the Cryptocurrency community. A currency used by millions of people is not the same as one used by only a few.


Community and development team: A stablecoin that has an active community and a dedicated development team is a good sign that the stablecoin has a future. The community and the development team can help solve problems and improve the token.

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What uses can be given to stablecoins?

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For many it is a pleasant surprise to see the large number of advantages and applications that stablecoins have in the digital world, so much so that since they became popular they are always within the top 10 most used Cryptocurrencies and with the highest market capitalization, some of the most popular uses are:

  • Payments and transfers: You can use stablecoins to send or receive money quickly and safely, without worrying about the volatility of other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Trade: You can buy or sell products and services with stablecoins, taking advantage of their constant value and their acceptance in the Cryptocurrency market.
  • Store of value: You can have your stablecoins as a way to protect your capital from inflation or the devaluation of other currencies.
  • Investments: You can invest in stablecoins as a way to diversify your portfolio and make a profit in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Delegated Finance: You can participate in DeFi platforms with stablecoins, which allow you to access decentralized financial services with Cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange: You can exchange your stablecoins for other Cryptocurrencies when you need it, taking advantage of its ease of conversion and its price stability.
  • Remittances: You can send or receive money across borders with stablecoins, without paying high fees or experiencing transaction delays.
  • Use in decentralized applications (dApps): You can use stablecoins as a means of payment in dApps, which are applications based on blockchain technology.

As you can see, stablecoins are much more than just tokens with a fixed price. They are useful and versatile tools for the digital world.

Why are stablecoins important?

Stablecoins are Cryptocurrencies that have a fixed price, backed by a currency such as the US Dollar or the Euro. These stable coins are important and versatile for the world of Cryptocurrencies, because they allow you to make payments, transfers, savings and investments with security, speed and stability. Furthermore, they can be used in daily life, on Cryptocurrency platforms, in P2P marketplaces, in decentralized applications, and in decentralized financial services. Stablecoins are a solution to the volatility problem of other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Which Stablecoins that can be used in Ccoins?

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As we already know, stablecoins are Cryptocurrencies that maintain a stable value by being backed by a fiat currency or an asset. Ccoins offers three types of stablecoins: Tether, USD Coin and CCUSD. Tether and USD Coin are tokens that track the value of the US Dollar and can be exchanged for other Cryptocurrencies or for real money. CCUSD is an exclusive Ccoins product that works like a digital representation of the dollar, but with the advantages of a stablecoin: Speed, Security and Ease of Use. With CCUSD you can freeze your investments of other Cryptocurrencies in Dollars from your Ccoins wallet without commissions or delays.

Stablecoins and other digital currency denominations

If you are still not clear about the denomination of the stable coins within the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, do not worry, in Ccoins you can learn to differentiate stablecoins from other denominations that exist within Cryptocurrencies, such as the difference between the Stablecoins and the Utility Tokens or Stablecoins and Altcoins.

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