Tether (USDT)

This is one of the first tokens that entered the classification of Stablecoin or stable currency since it makes use of the creation of tokens anchoring its value to a US dollar. Tether was created in 2014 thanks to the demand for a cryptocurrency or digital token with a fixed value such as Stablecoins, Tether came to be the digital dollar of the digital age according to its official website.

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When it was created, Tether was anchored to the bitcoin network through the Omni layer, but thanks to new updates it behaves like an ERC20 token which makes it functional within the Ethereum blockchain, and perhaps one of the most surprising characteristics of Tether is that it is found in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Eos, and Tron blockchain, making it a very versatile Stablecoin with extremely low transaction fees.

How to buy Tether USDT in Ccoins?

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Advantages of Tether

Pegged to the dollar: Tether is pegged to the US dollar which makes it redeemable if required.

Multi-Network: Tether is found in the blockchain networks with the greatest projection in the market, which makes it unique and this is accepted practice in any platform of the crypto ecosystem.

Closed value: Since Tether value is tied to the American dollar, its value is very recognizable since 1 Tether is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Very low commissions: As a token present in multiple blockchains, it is very diverse in its transfer commissions, having one of the lowest network commissions in the market.

What can I do after buying my USDT?

  • You can use them to purchase goods and services, many commercial establishments accept payments through cryptocurrencies.
  • You can convert them to another cryptocurrency using our Flip USDT to USD.
  • Send it to family and friends.
  • You can keep them and use them when you need them.

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Tether has a value equivalent to 1 US dollar. This is because it is a stablecoin: it is pegged to the US dollar.

Tether is a good choice for remittances because it is easy to understand what a sum denominated in it is worth: it is equivalent to the same value in dollars. It is also a digital currency with a very small network commission, thereby allowing large sums to be sent for a low price, and very quickly: in less than five minutes,

With Tether you will have the option, if you wish, to store the value of your other, less stable, cryptocurrencies. This is a very common investment practice – that is, to use stable currencies to help held the risk of abrupt falls in less stable investments.

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