What is Ccoins USD, and what are its characteristics?

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CCUSD is the digital dollar of Ccoins

Thanks to the communication with our users, we know the importance of establishing, within our platform, a stable digital currency that helps protect the assets of our users. This is why within Ccoins, we not only include a catalog of stablecoins such as Tether USDT or USD coin USDC, but we also include our token called CCUSD: the Ccoins digital dollar.

At Ccoins, we understand the importance of diversifying our catalog and allowing our users to choose a stable currency to protect the value of their digital assets at the time of freezing. This is why, in addition, using the stablecoins within Ccoins (Tether and USD Coin), you can freeze your digital assets in CCUSD.

By acquiring CCUSD, you will use it in any way you want within Ccoins, such as converting it into another cryptocurrency or token whenever you want with the Ccoins Flip or creating offers in our P2P market. With this feature, we allow our users to be more competitive against other P2P platforms and have more versatility in managing their cryptos.

Something that we must bear in mind is that the CCUSD of Ccoins should not be confused with other types of stablecoins or cryptocurrencies. Since the Ccoins USD is the digital dollar of Ccoins with unique use within our platform and has no relation to any active crypto.

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Characteristics of CCUSD in Ccoins P2P

The CCUSD is the digital dollar of Ccoins, which has the most important characteristic that stable currencies such as Tether and USD Coin have, which is the 1:1 parity against the dollar. However, it does not have other advantages provided by cryptocurrencies such as Blockchain technology. This allows our users to have a variety to choose the best option for them.

Below we will find some of the best features of the CCUSD within the functionalities of Ccoins:


Conversions on the Ccoins Flip

The first thing you should know is that the only way to acquire CCUSD within Ccoins is to convert any cryptocurrency or stable currency that you have in your Ccoins account with the Flip, this is the fastest and safest way into Ccoins.

Let us remember that the CCUSD is the digital dollar that Ccoins offers to be able to freeze your digital assets and protect you when necessary, any user who has converted the balance of their cryptocurrencies stored in their Ccoins account to CCUSD will be able to convert it back into the cryptocurrency they want and whenever you want.


Creating Offers in CCUSD

Like the offers created in USD Coin and Tether, our users will have the opportunity to use the balance they have in CCUSD within their Ccoins account to create offers. Our P2P marketplace allows you to create offers quickly and securely; this will allow you to use CCUSD to acquire the cryptocurrency or stablecoin you want, you just have to have enough balance to meet the minimum purchase limit.


CCUSD Internal Transfers – Coming Soon

At the moment this feature is not enabled but soon you will be able to make internal transfers of your CCUSD balance to other CCoins user accounts. This will allow CCUSD to be the perfect medium for sending remittances or money to other countries without the need for long waiting times and at no cost. Whether for a friendly deposit to another user or a family member, you can use the CCUSD for an infinity of payments, being perfect for remittances to distant countries.

The internal transfer system that is being developed for CCUSD transactions will be executed in a matter of seconds and at no cost, thus avoiding the commissions of other cryptocurrencies or remittance agencies.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

No, Ccoins users with a balance in CCUSD will not be able to use their digital dollars outside of Ccoins, this means that if a user wants to withdraw their balance in CCUSD, they must first convert it into another cryptocurrency or stable token.

Of course! no matter the day or time any registered user will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies or stable currencies to the Ccoins digital dollar whenever they want, since we know the importance of being able to act quickly and at any time when market prices fall

Of course, it does, just like stablecoins that hold their value 1:1 to the US dollar, digital dollars have the same value as the physical dollar for obvious reasons, also making it a good option when freezing crypto assets.

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