Second Factor Authentication or 2FA

03 segundo factor de autenticacion o 2fa

The second factor of authentication or 2FA is an extra security system implemented on platforms that require a high level of security for their users. This system is basically an extra access credential to a platform or account that changes periodically, meaning that, after entering the username and password, the system will ask the user for a code or safeword that can be sent via SMS or by a specialized 2FA application, it is periodic since the code that is generated changes after a few seconds.

As we mentioned before, the 2FA access code can be sent or generated to the user in two ways, via SMS or through a specialized 2FA application such as Google Authenticator, Authy and Microsoft Authenticator, in Ccoins we accept any of these three apps but certain measures must be taken for a correctly use the 2FA.

At Ccoins we have implemented the use of 2FA in order to give our users maximum security and allow them to protect the access to their accounts in a more optimal way. It should be noted that the 2FA system is very reliable as long as the necessary measures and precautions are taken for its correct operation.

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Good practices when using the Second Factor Authentication system:

  • 2FA applications must be downloaded from official sites such as Play Store or Apple Store
  • Always keep locked your mobile devices where you have the 2FA app with Fingerprint, Access PIN or Password.
  • When you link a 2FA app to a platform such as Ccoins, you will be given a series of codes with which you can recover your account if for some reason you can no longer use the mobile device where you had your 2FA, it is extremely important that you save these codes in a safe place.
  • If you lose access to your 2FA and do not save the recovery codes, you will need to contact support to disable 2FA for your account, but personal information will be required to verify that the request is made by the account owner.
  • Disable wireless connections (Wifi, Bluetooth) when you are going to use 2FA.
  • Keep 2FA apps updated.
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It is extremely important since with this extra security a user will have a greater guarantee that their account is completely secure, in the event of a third party knowing the access credentials, having an active 2FA will make it impossible for said malicious agent to enter your account even with the credentials.

2FA apps work in two ways, with a program or software (Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator) or with specialized hardware such as a YubiKey, each one has its level of security and recovery options, and all fulfill their objective of keeping the access to accounts on other platforms secure.

In case you lose access to your 2FA to enter your Ccoins account, all you have to do is contact support and request the deactivation of 2FA, but before that you must pass the Life Test, which will compare the biometric information given at the time of registration with the current information you provide to disable this option.

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