Why is the Cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer market market right for me?

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Cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer markets offer a reliable alternative to Peer-to-Peer trading and have several advantages over trading on exchanges.


  1. Quick disposal of your assets
  2. Variety of payment methods
  3. Simpler interface

Currently there are various ways of trading Crypto assets, each with their own dynamics, advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the Peer-to-Peer market, we are referring to a platform that facilitates the online meeting between buyers and sellers of Cryptocurrencies or tokens. This mechanism usually offers an escrow service to provide security to commercial exchanges.

These platforms – which have many similarities to e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and Mercadolibre, among others – provide a significantly safer space than trading on social media and through chats. In addition, its operations are simpler than exchanges, providing a reliable option for Peer-to-Peer exchanges and a faster learning curve for its users.

Here are 3 reasons why trading a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency market is right for you.

Quick disposal of your assets

Cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer market

If you operate in an Exchange centralized with fiat money, it is common for said platform to require you to wait several business days until your balance is credited to trade, or to dispose of your withdrawn funds.

On the contrary, in a Peer-to-Peer market, exchange operations are carried out in much shorter periods (from 15 minutes to 1 hour), making it possible to dispose of the money, or the Cryptocurrencies from the sale immediately, once they have finalized the transference and released the Crypto assets.

This is an advantage, as it makes Peer-to-Peer markets a more convenient option for those who need to quickly exchange Cryptocurrencies and tokens for local currency.

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Variety of payment methods

In a Peer-to-Peer marketplace you will find many more payment methods available than in an Exchange. The dynamics of transfers between individuals will allow you to buy and sell using various payment processes, national banking systems and international transfer systems, as well as alternative assets (for example Gift Cards). Swaps generally only allow Crypto to Crypto exchanges, and when they allow obtaining foreign currencies, they also require long periods of waiting to withdraw.

This is to the benefit of users of p2p marketplaces, as they can set much more specific conditions for payments, serving a wider audience and increasing the accessibility of Cryptocurrencies.

Simpler interface

Cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer market

For those who are still learning how to handle Crypto assets, trading in a Peer-to-Peer market can be easier, due to the parallels with popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Mercadolibre.

In a p2p market you will not have to deal with interfaces loaded with complex graphics, among other variables.

Under the dynamics of these platforms, you will only deal with evaluating the offers published by other users according to your needs, you will be able to specify the amount of Cryptocurrency to trade and, finally, follow the detailed steps in the payment window.

For all these reasons, p2p markets offer you an easy introduction to the world of Cryptocurrencies, as well as the greatest possible simplicity for safe and reliable trading.

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The P2P Cryptocurrency market platforms are electronic commerce systems that seek the security of their users and of the transactions that are executed within them, they are easy to use and with a variety of payment options. They also offer a unique Cryptocurrency buying and selling experience, which sets them apart from complex and time-consuming exchanges, making it the ideal platform for both beginners and more experienced traders.

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