Why is it safe to operate in Ccoins?

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The P2P markets serve as a meeting point, whether you are a buyer or seller of Cryptocurrencies. That is why we tell you what makes it safer to operate in Ccoins.


  1. Ccoins context creation.
  2. Ccoins: A Crypto exchange space with the best security measures.
  3. Ccoins: the person to person Cryptocurrency market designed for you.

Ccoins creation context.

The growing demand for markets to exchange Cryptocurrencies for local currency and the competition between trading platforms have made it opportune for them to constantly evolve to offer a growing number of functionalities. This has enabled various models of buying and selling digital currencies.

In response to this request, Ccoins offers a platform that allows you to buy and sell a selection of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and USD Coin) in an intuitive and secure environment for trading between individuals, while integrating an additional feature: the possibility of making fast exchanges between Cryptocurrencies (Crypto to Crypto flip) from the interface of the wallet assigned to the user.

Click to Tweet: Ccoins offers a multifunctional platform that allows you to buy and sell through an extensive catalog of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and USD Coin)

Ccoins: a Crypto exchange space with the best security measures.

Coins is designed so that most commercial exchanges are made from person to person through a market in which commercial offers from fully verified users are published using the KYC standard, which is also powered by a biometric verification system. Through those advertisements and offers, these users offer their services as local currency Crypto exchangers.

operate in Ccoins

The process of these exchanges has a strong Escrow system that safeguards the funds during the operation so that both parties are encouraged to comply with their obligations. In addition, we have an assisted conflict resolution system that makes it safer to operate in Ccoins because it uses the evidence provided to mediate irreconcilable disagreements.

In this sense, our platform also serves as a space for buyers and sellers to meet; is a place that serves as a trusted intermediary to trade Cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that both the identity verification requirement (KYC), the User Scoring System, the Proof of Life system and the Conflict Resolution System are elements that allow us to filter and expel dishonest agents, while increasing the visibility of the users who choose us.

Ccoins: the person to person Cryptocurrency market designed for you.

operate in Ccoins

For Ccoins the importance of Person to Person (P2P) markets lies in the variety of options in terms of prices and means of payment. In addition, since users do not need to deposit or withdraw local currency on this platform through bank transfers, sellers can more quickly dispose of the money obtained in exchange for their Cryptocurrencies, instead of waiting for periods of several days as is the case of automated exchanges

They also have a functionality that allows Crypto to Crypto “Flips”, which complements the value of our market by enabling fast exchange between the Cryptocurrencies that are available in the user’s portfolio, making Ccoins in an all in one marketplace that apart from a P2P dynamic, it has tools that make it easier for the user to manage their funds.


Ccoins is a platform that facilitates the exchange of Cryptocurrencies between people, offering security, speed and ease of use. Ccoins differs from other P2P markets due to its user verification system, its Crypto to Crypto Flip option and its Crypto functionalities that make this platform more robust. Sign up to Ccoins and discover all the features and functionalities that this multifunctional platform can offer you.

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