What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

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INDEX What are cryptocurrencies? History of cryptocurrencies What is blockchain? How do cryptocurrencies work? Crypto Mining and Miners What happens when I use a cryptocurrency? You’d have to live disconnected from the world to not have heard, or read, at least once about cryptocurrencies. Whether the information would have given you a positive or negative […]

How to choose the most suitable cryptocurrency for Mining?

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Among so many crypto alternatives, which one to select to mine taking into account the risks and capitalization values in the market? After the popular and leading until now, Bitcoin, many other virtual currencies have been born. Part of this great digital range is made up of Monero, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, DeepOnion, Dogecoin, Zcash, Ravencoin, […]

Why is mining important?

Por que la mineria es importante

INDEX Context of crypto-asset mining Mining, security and governance in the crypto world Mining and how Bitcoin works Infrastructure needed to mine 1. Context of crypto asset mining The infrastructures in charge of sustaining and safeguarding cryptocurrencies are called "blockchains". These are open, decentralized and accessible systems that allow users to own assets without ceding […]

4 tips to choose a crypto wallet to suit you

4 tips para escoger una crypto wallet a tu medida

INDEX Determine your priorities, what do you need from your crypto wallet? Listen to community feedback Try to choose a crypto wallet with multi-currency support A good crypto wallet has regular updates If you are dabbling in the crypto world you will probably need a personal crypto wallet. That is, an application that allows you […]

The best defense of cryptocurrencies

La mejor defensa de las criptomonedas

INDEX My first contacts with cryptocurrencies The greatest virtue of cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are the best private money Conclusion 1. My first contacts with cryptocurrencies Sometimes I find it hard to believe that it's been so long since I first heard about cryptocurrencies. My initial contact was somewhat brief: in mid-2011 (during my first fever with […]

Precautions to trade P2P cryptocurrency markets more securely

Precauciones para operar en mercados P2P de criptomonedas de forma mas segura

INDEX Look at the reputation Always trade with escrow Verify payments Select your payment method wisely Person-to-person (p2p) markets, such as Ccoins,offer you the ability to contact other people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with escrow, which makes it easier for you to set your own trading conditions and operate with a wide variety of […]

Learn about the HODL strategy in the Crypto world and how to put it into practice

Conoce la estrategia HODL en el mundo Crypto y como ponerla en practica

The vast crypto universe and its rising popularity has generated, in addition to great profitability, a jargon of its own. Words like Altcoin or Stablecoin are often present, but also somewhat strange ones like HODL. It is important that you always remember the importance of familiarizing yourself with each term of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In […]

5 recommendations to invest in Ethereum that you will not be able to miss

5 recomendaciones para invertir en Ethereum que no podras perderte

The crypto market evolves every day bringing greater benefits to investors. Currently, there are many cryptocurrencies adaptable to your requirements, but do you know what to choose? Have you heard about Ethereum? It is a very interesting and profitable asset. A platform in constant progress, which seeks greater scalability. Undoubtedly, it has a lot of […]

Why have a Wallet? The salary of the future comes in Cryptocurrencies

Por que tener una Wallet El salario del futuro viene en Criptomonedas

Can you imagine collecting your salary in cryptocurrencies? You may be surprised, but this practice is already a fact in several countries. But did you know that for this and more it is essential to have a wallet? If you want to buy or use cryptocurrencies you should know everything about this tool Why? Bitcoin, […]

4 Basic Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies for the First Time

4 consejos basicos para invertir en criptomonedas por primera vez

Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? Is this your first time and need help? You arrived at the right place! But first you must know that to embark on this world it is essential to possess some preparation. The crypto world is currently one of the most interesting options for investing. Despite its volatility, […]