5 recommendations to invest in Ethereum that you will not be able to miss

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The crypto market evolves every day bringing greater benefits to investors. Currently, there are many cryptocurrencies adaptable to your requirements, but do you know what to choose? Have you heard about Ethereum?

It is a very interesting and profitable asset. A platform in constant progress, which seeks greater scalability. Undoubtedly, it has a lot of potential by allowing the creation of various decentralized applications.

But it is important to know its risks and benefits to take advantage of it in the best way Curious? Keep reading and we will give you 5 essential tips to invest in Ethereum successfully.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital platform that uses Blockchain technology. With it you will create tokens, smart contracts, applications such as voting systems, security programs or payment methods for cryptocurrencies.

It has great popularity and remarkable growth after its rival, Bitcoin. To increase its efficiency, a 2.0 environment called “Serenity” has been developed, a new version with many advantages:

  • Global Platform
  • It owns its own token called Ether, the virtual currency.
  • Improved blockchain on number of transactions per second (enabling payments). An estimated 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) are estimated.
  • It has high volatility, but with lucrative results.

The nature of Ethereum

A fundamental feature of Ethereum is its consensus mechanism for adding blocks to the Blockchain. It operates in PoW (Proof of Work) version, using hardware such as GPUs to solve complex mathematical problems.

The idea of Serenity 2.0 is to avoid mining, validating transactions in a PoS (Proof of Stake) environment. Since its creation in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, one of its co-founders, Ethereum has boasted high volatility.

With Ethereum Serenity 2.0 your transactions will be validated through Proof of Stake, without the need to resort to mining. Share on X

These ups and downs have generated attraction in investors and traders looking for their opportunity to make a profit. But how does it work?

This platform works with an open and decentralized source, where Ether uses a shared transaction log book or history. This “digital ledger” is public and is built using data mining.

The Ethereum Blockchain is similar to that of Bitcoin. The difference is in its programming language that allows you to create software known as Smart Contracts.

These programs run automatically once the terms and conditions (written in code) are met. Lower costs without delays, compared to a traditional contract, and greater efficiency.

Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin boast the most select positions in the cryptocurrency world. However, they have different characteristics, which we present below:

Invest in Ethereum and Bitcoin
  1. Issuance of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin boasts a limited total amount of approximately 21 million cryptocurrencies.

Actualmente, Ethereum cuenta con ETH ilimitados y proyecciones de 2 millones cada año con ETH 2.0. Share on X

Ethereum owns an unlimited number of units, totaling around 18 million so far. With Ether 2.0 it would increase to 2 million annually.

  1. Smart Contracts / Contratos Inteligentes

Bitcoin possesses limited functionality and language without Full Turing support for smart contracts. These limitations were taken advantage of by Ethereum, developing the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

This machine is capable of executing instructions with Full Turing capability. In addition, Ethereum has a simpler and more flexible programming language for coding.

  1. Mining

Bitcoin mining uses the PoW algorithm, while Ethereum evolves towards PoS with its version 2.0. This will avoid the excessive electrical demand generated by the hardware used.

Advantages of using this Cryptocurrency

Ethereum has a lot to offer you Do you know everything you can get from this platform?

  • Absolutely decentralized (Free from government intervention).
  • There are no intermediaries between transactions, which will give you a less expensiveenvironment.
  • Open source system for the creation and development of continuous improvements.

Recommendations for investing with Ethereum in the financial market

It’s time to learn how to invest wisely! If you want to advance in the crypto market, it is well worth following these excellent tips.

1. Know the financial market

This advice is key, as it will set you apart from an unwary trader or investor. In addition to the market and its way of trading, it is useful to understand the workings of the various cryptos to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. Create your stable portfolio

When making your first profits, it’s important to balance your assets in your portfolio. Try to define a percentage destined for Bitcoins and another for Ethereum, for example.

The idea is to buy or sell from time to time to spread the risk against price fluctuations.

3. Learn how to manage risk

Always be cautious and reasonable, don’t risk more than you can spend. There is great volatility among cryptocurrencies, which could lead to substantial gains or heavy losses. Learn when to stop and mark a stop loss.

4. Find the trading platform that best suits you

Analyze the benefits offered by your preferred platform. Many offer advantages, but it’s important to think about what you require in both the short and long term.

5. Study the profitability of the currency

Each cryptocurrency is different and will give you variations in terms of profitability. Try to analyze the pros and cons, as well as the daily quote to understand the path to take.

Ethereum stability and transparency

The operability with Ethereum has been much more stable than Bitcoin itself. There is some apprehension towards the excessive use of Bitcoins by investors.

Ethereum Stability

This in case prices suffer a rise. However, Ethereum has gained ground in smart contracts, DApps, DeFi, tokens, etc.

Ethereum has an environment that is increasingly rising and generating greater confidence among investors.


While it is true that Bitcoin boasts the prized first place within the crypto environment, Ethereum continues to evolve. If you are attracted to cryptocurrencies and want to invest or save on a secure platform,do you know what to do?

Do you already know Ccoins? We are an allied platform to trade your cryptos safely. An All-In-One market that will simplify your transaction, since we have all the tools you need.

Get better performance and security over your wealth and achieve the next step in technology. We are here to help you, we are Ccoins.

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