What is a white paper?

02 que es un whitepaper

A Whitepaper or Technical Document, in the context of Cryptocurrencies, consists of a file where the concept and operation of a system is displayed, generally briefly detailing a problem to be solved, in the document the conceptual and technical aspects are highlighted and a solution and its implications are proposed.

They usually contain very specific information presented in a clear and concise way, they may contain graphics or diagrams that allow a better visualization of the main concept, important details or comparisons between the proposed solution and similar alternatives.

In the Crypto ecosystem, documents of this type are usually considered an important factor for the analysis of decentralized projects.

In the cases in which a type of investment or sale is sought (ICO, ITO), the technical documents also usually contain information related to financing phases, supply of coins, development roadmap, among others.

As a general rule, all large Cryptocurrencies or large Crypto projects have their own Whitepaper, since it is a very important document within the ecosystem, from there, investors or users can get an idea of ​​the project’s horizon and what the future will be. This information being very valuable to some within the Crypto community, and having a well-written document can mean the success of the project.

At Ccoins we have prepared our own Whitepaper in which any User or Investor can view our roadmap and progress plan for our platform in detail. As mentioned earlier in this Whitepaper resides information regarding the operation of the P2P system and each of the functionalities within Ccoins is stored.

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Of course we do, and not only do we have our own public Whitepaper, but we have created two documents, one that is aimed at our users, where the Ccoins functionalities are explained. and another that is aimed at investors where it is explained the Ccoins roadmap and its future features.

No, the Whitepaper is a tool that was included by Satoshi Nakamoto when creating Bitcoin, but it is not exclusive to Cryptocurrencies nor was it created by Satoshi, this is a tool that is very popular in technological projects, and is used as a cover letter for many companies to promote a product or research.

Not in most cases, it should be noted that in some parts of a Whitepaper it is written with somewhat technical language, since a minimum knowledge of the main topic to be exposed is required to understand what is written there, but the vast majority of Documents of this type are written in easy-to-understand language as they are addressed to any interested party

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