What are decentralized apps?

Decentralized applications or Dapps are computer programs and/or protocols whose operation consists of interacting with systems based on decentralized networks (Generally the blockchain protocol or similar alternatives) where the participants are not subject to a central authority.

18 aplicaciones descentralizadas

What differentiates decentralized applications from traditional applications (Based on centralized models) is that the data and decisions remain in the control of the users and ultimately depend on the protocol of a consensus based network such as a chain of blocks (Whose changes they require the approval of their participants) instead of relying on central servers and/or trusted third parties that could make changes contrary to the interests of the users without even consulting them. Not to mention that decentralized applications often belong to the open source and/or free software families.

Also, there are differences around the way in which the information is stored, given that due to the nature of the decentralized networks with which the Dapps interact, the data is generally stored on the user’s device or stored in a P2P network. Censorship resistant in which participation is represented by cryptographic sequences such as public key, addresses, and signatures produced using private keys.

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For many things, there can really be applications of all kinds just like the standard applications that we all know, the only difference is that Dapps work through a chain of blocks, which means that their information and operation is decentralized.

Of course, with decentralized applications you can create quite complex things like a decentralized e-commerce platform or even a Cryptocurrency based video game.

Decentralized applications are created by independent developers, which is why today we can find a large number of these applications.

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