Satoshi Nakamoto – The mystery behind the creator of Bitcoin

If you are looking for information about Cryptocurrencies or digital assets, it is almost impossible not to come across the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, this is not surprising since without this person (or people) we would most likely not be talking about Cryptocurrencies as we do today.

Satoshi Nakamoto is known today as the creator of Bitcoin and at the time of writing, it is not known for sure who is the person responsible for said creation. During the first years of Bitcoin, many researchers and personalities who accompanied Nakamoto in the testing suggested some names as possible candidates to be the creator of Bitcoin.

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As we all know, Bitcoin was created in 2009 mainly as a countermeasure or alternative to the dangers presented by the global financial system that we all use, since one year earlier, in 2008, one of the worst global financial crises in history occurred. Precisely this economic control that the great governments of the world have, plus the constant growth of controls on the privacy of Internet users, was what gave rise to a group or movement called “Cyberpunk” in the 80s and 90s.

It is known that the members of this movement were computer enthusiasts and great connoisseurs of the most advanced encryption processes to date, where many of them contributed ideas that would later be taken up by Nakamoto for his project. Satoshi is a mystery because his only contact with the world was through an online forum called in 2008, where he published what would become the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

On very few occasions did he publish things in said forum, in one of these publications he indicates that he has been working on this project for about a year and a half, and by January 2009 Satoshi managed to make the first Bitcoin transaction with Hal Fenney, another Cryptography enthusiast, after this nothing is known about the creator of Bitcoin until a year later where he publishes the first message of the Bitcointalk forum thanking and welcoming users, after this no more is known about this character until 2014 where leaves a message on saying “I am not Dorian Nakamoto” alluding to the accusations they had against a subject named Dorian Prentice Nakamoto where a magazine alleged that he was the creator of Bitcoin.

After this last message, no more was known about this mysterious character, since he never gave any indication of who he really was, only that his name was Satoshi Nakamoto of Japanese and male origin, according to computer experts allege that the main code of Bitcoin is so well structured that it is very difficult to understand that a single person did it and that is why it is not ruled out that it could be a group of people who operated under the Japanese pseudonym.

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Different candidates to be Satoshi Nakamoto

As we explained earlier, because the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is a complete mystery, it cannot be said for sure who is responsible or responsible behind said pseudonym, but we can theorize who this colorful character could be.

Hal Fenney

Hal Fenney is by far the person who is closest to Bitcoin since its inception, so it is very common to see reports or articles that speculate that Hal is the possible creator of Bitcoin. He passed away a few years after the creation and subsequent launch of this Cryptocurrency, but he is one of the people with the most qualities that would be expected from the founder of the most recognized digital currency in the world, belonging to the cypherpunk movement, and being an expert in Cryptography and computer security systems.

Mainly Mr.Fenney is associated with Satoshi Nakamoto because the latter was based on many of the ideas used by Hal, when he tried years ago in 2004 to create his own Cryptocurrency; A very important fact is that on January 10, 2009 Mr.Fenney posted a tweet where he said “Running Bitcoin” and this occurred hours after Satoshi Nakamoto published the first version of Bitcoin.

Although Hal Fenney denied being Satoshi Nakamoto, many of his close friends believe that Mr. Fenney may have had more involvement in this project than he himself admitted, which is why it is believed that Satoshi Nakamoto may have been a group of people like Hal who collaborated. for the creation of this successful digital currency.

Nick Szabo

The other strong candidate for a possible Satoshi Nakamoto is the experienced Cryptographer Nick Szabo, who, like Hal Fenney, had also created or conceptualized his own Cryptocurrency many years ago or what would be the bases of the Cryptocurrency concept.

It is speculated that Nick may be Satoshi because, like Hal Fenney, they had the technical capabilities to create or conceive the idea of ​​what Bitcoin is, in 1998 he created the precursor currency of the current Cryptocurrencies called “Bit Gold” he also conceived the idea of the operation of the security system that Blockchain technology has today. Even Nick Szabo himself published a text where he indicated:

“Myself, Wei Dai and Hal Finney were the only people I know of who liked the idea (or in Dai’s case his related idea) enough to pursue it to any significant extent until Nakamoto (assuming Nakamoto is not really Finney or Dai) Only Finney (RPOW) and Nakamoto were motivated enough to implement such a scheme.” 

Which opens the door to the fact that the Bitcoin project created by Satoshi Nakamoto was really created by a group of experts, but again there is no strong evidence to confirm that this is the case.

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It could be said that yes, since Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin, he was the first person to mine this Cryptocurrency and therefore was able to mine a considerable amount, it is estimated that within Satoshi’s portfolio there are approximately 1 million bitcoins, and it could be said that he benefited from the project for the number of coins that we mentioned above, if it were not for the fact that not a single Bitcoin has ever been moved from that portfolio. Which is another thing that makes Satoshi even more mysterious than he is.

We really can’t say if it was a good idea or a bad idea, but one thing we are sure of is that according to Satoshi Nakamoto himself, his intention was never to control his creation but to give the world the opportunity to create an alternative financial system resistant to censorship.

No, Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin so that no one could control it, not even himself, which is why many consider Bitcoin the perfect currency since control is held by all those who have acquired this currency.

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