How to sell in Ccoins

01 como vender en ccoins

Selling Crypto has never been so safe and fast, in Ccoins you can sell your favorite Cryptocurrency at the best prices, Ccoins is a platform specialized in the P2P market and we offer our users specialized and intuitive tools so that anyone can carry out their Crypto operations quickly and safely.

In Ccoins you can sell your favorite Cryptocurrencies at the best price and if you sell to another user who has created a purchase offer you do not pay any extra, since we do not charge commission to users who take offers from our market. We also have a list of the most popular payment methods in each country and don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite payment method or bank on the list, you can also request the inclusion of your favorite payment method to us.

Remember that in Ccoins the most important thing is the security of our users, that is why the purchase and sale operations are protected by the system Escrow that freezes the Cryptocurrencies that you are going to sell and insures them until the conditions of the exchange are met, also in Ccoins we have implemented an extra and optional step in the exchanges called “Liveness Test” or Proof Of Life, where you can request the buyer a quick identity verification to be more secure in your transaction.

Do you want to start your first sale? Here is how to do it:

  1. Create a Ccoins account: Sign up and verify your account. The only thing that is required is a valid email, a telephone number and your identity document that you will need to verify your identity, once registered and verified you will be able to access all the services that we offer in Ccoins.
  2. Reload your Cryptos and set up the payment method: In order to make your first sale in Ccoins you must first deposit your Crypto assets in your Ccoins wallet, and configure the payment details for your sales.
  3. Find your ideal offer: Go to the Ccoins Market and select the “Sell” option, you can select the Cryptocurrency you want to sell and start filtering depending on what is most comfortable for you, or if you want to see all the offers, just select all, enter the amount you are willing to sell and press Search
  4. Select the offer that you like the most: Choose an offer that suits what you want, when selecting an offer a side panel will open that will indicate the terms of the offer and the exchange guidelines filed by the buyer, once you have understood everything, enter the amount to be exchanged and press “Ok, start exchange”.
  5. Start the sale: When starting the exchange, the chat with the Buyer will open, at this stage a greeting is common and if something is not very clear, before releasing the Crypto you can clarify it with the buyer, at this point the buyer will be able to see the payment data that you will need to make the payment.
  6. Verify the payment and release the Cryptocurrencies: When the buyer has made the payment, the system will notify that the payment has been made, it is prudent to request a proof of payment as support, you must verify the payment according to the method you have selected, once the payment has been verified and it has been successful you must select in “Release” With this you are transferring the Crypto that you are selling to the buyer, remember to never release if you have not verified the payment.

If you want to be an expert seller, we advise you to read this Guide of advices and good practices when carrying out a sale operation.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

Currently within Ccoins, registered and verified users will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin and DAI.

In Ccoins all the participants of an exchange must pay a commission for the use of P2P in each operation, regardless of whether you are the seller or the buyer, both will contribute to a commission of use of 1 dollar, this commission includes the use of the proof of life within the exchange.

Escrow is a functional system that is responsible for safeguarding the Crypto assets to be traded and all this while the exchange occurs. Its main function is to prevent the buyer and seller from withdrawing the Cryptocurrencies arbitrarily, and it facilitates access to the coins when the exchange is complete.

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