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The Crypto market moves in an environment completely dominated by technology. So how do you know if you are interacting with the expected person in a P2P exchange? Proof of life is the key to your safety.

What is this function about? Behind the screen could be anyone with shady intentions waiting for you to unwittingly execute a Cryptocurrency transaction. Therefore, it is essential that the P2P exchange platform you choose is really shielded. Identity verification represents the maximum of an advanced, fast and committed system with your well-being. Learn more about it.


What is a Proof of Life?

The security when buying, selling and exchanging your Cryptocurrencies must be absolute for your peace of mind and thus operate without risks. How to achieve it in a P2P market before finalizing the offer? With a Proof of Life.

What does this term mean? It is the technological vanguard that will provide you with a safe environment for your Crypto trade. A world-class technology that, through a biometric verification, will confirm the identity of the user.

In this way, you will be able to know with whom you are going to carry out the Cryptocurrency operation in an Exchange platform.

In the biometric field, we are talking about the technological capacity to recognize a real human and determine who you are interacting with. This is the proof of life, which will give you the certainty that you are negotiating with a real person, who is the same person who has registered on the platform and prevent it from being someone impersonating an identity.

This functionality can verify the person in real time before making an exchange, protecting your transactions from possible inconveniences in any operation.


Why is it important for a Crypto asset exchange platform to have an identity verification system?

The support, reliability and integrity of a Crypto exchange platform must be supported by advanced user protection systems. How to provide peace of mind in an environment without security?

That is why an identity verification system must be present on a platform where you can trade your Cryptocurrencies. With proof of life it is possible to verify real users in a digital world quickly and reliably.

All this thanks to a gigantic team of experts in security for the P2P market whose partners have absolute world leadership in ID technology and artificial intelligence.


Learn how biometric verification works in the Ccoins P2P market

For this verification Ccoins has the support of MetaMap, a company that has proven to be the highest standard in identity verification online. Since its founding MetaMap has proven to be the highest standard of identity on the Internet, thanks to its technology that is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

With it, they are able to evaluate the legitimacy of any user’s identity, to then compare with their facial biometric data. The Proof of Life guarantees a genuine and secure Crypto operation from anywhere in the world. But how does this technology work? Find out in the following statements:

Document verification

First, the user’s ID with their photo is scanned to detect whether it is genuine or fraudulent, down to a single pixel. Onfido covers more than 4,600 types of documents from 195 countries.

Biometric analysis

The user is asked for a selfie or short video with a sequence of movements or reading of randomly generated numbers. The technology verifies that your facial biometric data matches that of your ID.

In addition, this proof of life verifies that the user who presents his documentation is alive and is the genuine owner.

AI and fraud experts

A hybrid model uses the combination of artificial intelligence and a fully trained human staff that provides automation, agility and precision.

Biometric user authentication

It is possible to pin a user’s account to their real identity, which will include their photo ID document and their face. This biometric data will work as a password at times of high risk, such as account recovery or high transactions.


Advantages and security that Ccoins offers you with the Proof of Life

You already know almost everything about proof of life, now we bring you the pros of having a state-of-the-art system, designed exclusively for your Crypto security.

Reliable protection of your Cryptocurrency transactions

Buy, sell and exchange your Cryptocurrencies with the peace of mind of knowing that you have a system of technological protection advanced.

Internationally certified identity verification systems

Identity verification based on artificial intelligence algorithms has international endorsement. This guarantees a secure transaction at the hands of experts committed to your well-being.

Easy access for the user

The proof of life is a very easy process to execute, integrated into your Crypto exchange platform, where you can enjoy extensive benefits.

Protection against stolen IDs

By detecting the user’s face through a biometric process, it is possible to identify if the identification is of dubious reputation. You will be able to know if it is a scammer or a genuine user.

You can be sure to interact with the right person at the time of the exchange

How to determine if the user with whom you communicate is on the other side of the screen? It could be someone else with dark purposes. Biometric verification will eliminate these possibilities, safeguarding your assets.

Large variety of random gestures to confirm user identity

The Proof of Life is based on artificial intelligence and supported by a human team, identifies biometric data quickly and accurately through a short video. Thus, the technology verifies the real identity of the user.

Uses hybrid machine learning technology

A highly complex hybrid process designed by true experts provides you with the most solid tools for your security. This technology is capable of detecting identities 100% reliable.



In Ccoins We offer you the highest security standards, maximum benefits by having an essential tool with advanced features such as proof of life. This technology allows you to exchange Cryptocurrencies in the P2P Ccoins market with the confidence that you are interacting with the person you expect.

Our platform has embraced various types of users, experts and Crypto enthusiasts with specific goals. But it is essential to offer a fully shielded environment in which each user is safe.

For this reason, we invite you to discover the best multifunctional platform, a robust platform designed for your Cryptographic operation, equipped with timely support, state-of-the-art technology and the most powerful functionalities of the Crypto market. What are you waiting for?

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

With the Proof of Life process we guarantee that you are trading with the person registered in Ccoins and not with another agent who has taken control of said account.

No, it really is a very easy process where the system will ask you to record yourself with a smartphone or a webcam, and you will have to make a few slight movements or gestures with your face, and through AI we can verify and validate the information that they have provided to Confirm that the username is correct.

Really any time is necessary, however it is advisable to use this procedure when you are going to trade with someone for the first time or when you have not traded with a specific user for a long time.

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