Ethereum Classic (ETC)

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Ethereum Classic is a Cryptocurrency that was created in 2016 as a fork of the original Ethereum blockchain. The creation of Ethereum Classic was the result of a controversy in the Ethereum community after a cyberattack occurred that led to the theft of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) funds on Ethereum. Ethereum Classic is an outdated version of the original Ethereum blockchain that upholds the philosophy of the immutability of the blockchain.

The history of Ethereum Classic dates back to the year 2015, when Ethereum was founded as a decentralized smart contract platform. Ethereum was designed to allow the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) through the use of smart contracts. In 2016, the DAO was created as a decentralized autonomous organization that aimed to provide funding for Ethereum projects. The DAO was designed as a set of smart contracts on Ethereum and raised a significant amount of funding from the Cryptocurrency community.

However, in June 2016, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the DAO’s smart contract and stole a large amount of funds. As a result, a controversy ensued in the Ethereum community on how to handle the situation. Some community members argued that the Ethereum blockchain should be modified to reverse fraudulent transactions and recover stolen funds, while others argued that the blockchain should remain immutable and the effects of the attack should be accepted as a lesson learned.

The Ethereum fork led to the creation of Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic is an outdated version of the original Ethereum blockchain that upholds the philosophy of the immutability of the blockchain. Since its inception, Ethereum Classic has gained a loyal user base and has become one of the most popular Cryptocurrencies on the market.

How to acquire Ethereum Classic in Ccoins?

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At Ccoins you can acquire a wide range of Cryptocurrencies, either through the P2P market or through Ccoins Flip. Being a user of Ccoins you can acquire Ethereum Classic (ETC) at any time from Flip at the best price and instantly. Sign up and verify your account and you will be able to acquire your first ETC quickly and safely.

Advantages of Ethereum Classic

Creation of decentralized applications: Cryptocurrency can be used for a variety of purposes. Ethereum Classic is mainly used as a platform for the development of decentralized applications (dApps). The platform has also been used to launch new Cryptocurrencies and tokens through its smart contract platform.

Excellent investment option: Ethereum Classic is also used as a form of payment and a store of value in the Cryptocurrency community. Ethereum Classic users can send and receive payments securely and quickly over the network. Ethereum Classic can also be used as a long-term investment, as the Cryptocurrency has proven to be relatively resilient to market volatility.

In constant development: As for the future of Ethereum Classic, the Cryptocurrency remains a popular choice in the Cryptocurrency community and is expected to expand further as more people adopt the platform. The Ethereum Classic development team continues to work hard to improve the functionality and accessibility of the platform, which could lead to further adoption of the Cryptocurrency.

What to do after acquiring my Ethereum Classic?

  • You can use them to purchase goods and services, many commercial establishments accept payments through Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum Classic.
  • You can convert them to another more stable Cryptocurrency using Flip, ETC to CCUSD.
  • You can hold your Ethereum Classic coins and earn with the appreciation of the coin.
  • You can send them to your family and friends quickly, safely and at a reduced cost from Ccoins.

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It is very important since ETC is one of the coins that was born from an Ethereum fork, which means that Ethereum Classic is Ethereum’s Bitcoin Cash, which has a positive impact on its community.

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