Electronic commerce between individuals – P2P

Person to person (P2P) electronic commerce is the business model of platforms that enable contact between individuals, allowing users to publish purchase and/or sale advertisements for certain products, which can be viewed by other users. through the Internet, with the intention that they initiate online exchange operations.

003 mercado p2p ccoins

Its main objective is the conglomeration of the suppliers and applicants of the traded goods (Cryptocurrencies) in the same space to expedite their commercialization through the use of tools and greater security.

The companies that implement this e-commerce model generally make use of applications or web pages to facilitate the process of exchanging products between users, and at the end of said process they obtain a small profit for the use of the service, being the main attraction of this business model, the profit in exchange for the lowering of the transaction cost.

This is because there are multiple offer creators and through this it is easier to find a price according to our needs.

Of course, currently Cryptocurrency trading platforms through P2P are very safe and practical, as is the case with Ccoins, which also has extra security sections.

By trading in a P2P I can obtain multiple advantages, such as being able to create offers with our desired price, having a wide catalog of prices and payment methods, the convenience of trading from anywhere in the world, among many others.

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