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What is Ccoins?

Ccoins is a P2P Cryptocurrency marketplace that aims to provide users with an easy and secure Cryptocurrency buying and selling experience. With Ccoins, users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and USD Coin safely, however Ccoins can support in its multi-Crypto Wallet a varied catalog of Cryptocurrencies such as Solana, Alagorand, DogeCoin, Stellar, XRP, among many others. At Ccoins you can also find a digital representation of the dollar, with this token users can freeze their investments in Ccoins or use their balance to acquire other Cryptocurrencies. The platform currently has several features that make it stand out among other Cryptocurrency platforms.

Features and Services

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 1. P2P Market

Multi Crypto Platform: Ccoins is one of the few P2P platforms with the capacity to trade in multiple Cryptocurrencies, these being the most influential and important in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and USD Coin; Users will also be able to use the “CCUSD” currency, which is the digital dollar of Ccoins, as a source of payment to acquire other currencies.

Escrow: Ccoins also has a transaction system that ensures that both parties to a P2P transaction adhere to the agreement, creating trust in each transaction. This transaction system is an added security measure to ensure that all transactions are fair and smooth.

Life test. One of the key features of Ccoins is its proof of life system, which makes transactions in the p2p market more secure by preventing outsiders from using the account of already registered users. This means that users can be sure that there is a direct transaction with the seller or buyer of Cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

Multicurrency Offers: Ccoins is currently the only platform where you can create a buy or sell offer in various Cryptocurrencies simultaneously; Through the balance that a user has in CCUSD, they will be able to create a single offer that will be reflected in multiple Cryptocurrencies.

Smart Bid Positioning System: Through this system, a user will be able to position their offer in the market intelligently. The user will be able to choose between 5 different places and depending on the place the system will grant an ideal margin to position the offer in the desired place.

Alert System: In order for the user experience within the P2P market to be as optimal as possible, we have created a multi-channel notification system to ensure that merchants always respond to your offers and vice versa.

Follow System and Followers: Through this function, users will be able to follow up on the offers of other users with whom they have already traded, with this it is sought that a user can create their own circle of trust or create their trading community with other users.

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2. Periodic Shipping System:

With this system, Ccoins users will be able to create a scheduled payment process with different configurations, where depending on the payment frequency, this can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, perfect for frequent payments to suppliers or subscription services.

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3. Payment Links:

Regarding the forms of payment, Ccoins allows the creation of payment links that will make the payment process easier for the person who is going to send Cryptos.

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4. Cryptocurrency Swaps:

Ccoins offers the possibility of making Cryptocurrency swaps in one click with very low commissions through the Flip system. This allows users to exchange different types of Cryptocurrencies easily and quickly, without the need to go through complex or expensive processes. Thanks to this system you will be able to store, receive and convert currencies such as Solana, Cardano, Poligon, XRP, Polkadot, among others.

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5. Send or receive with Flip:

With Ccoins you can make special Shipments and Deposits. In “Send with Flip”, you can convert from one Cryptocurrency to another before sending; You can also use this conversion service for deposits, “Deposits with Flip” allows users to receive a transfer in any Cryptocurrency and be automatically converted to another, when it arrives in your wallet.

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6. Biometric Verification and KYC:

In order to guarantee a clean and secure platform for all our users, we implement the best practices of KYC and AML, in addition to the mandatory identity verification of all users registered in Ccoins through an intelligent biometric recognition system.

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7. Registration for Companies:

Ccoins will also allow the creation of a special account for companies with special characteristics; Through this type of account you can manage the access of various users representing the company.

Difference with other platforms

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Thanks to its functionalities, Ccoins seeks to optimize the user’s experience that the different P2P platforms available on the market have offered up to now.

Systems as disruptive as the Proof of Life achieves security in exchanges, preventing some users from taking advantage of the anonymity in transactions. In addition to this, Ccoins allow companies to create accounts with multi session; avoiding the use of third-party bank accounts in P2P transactions, a factor that reduces the risk of fraud. Account outsourcing is currently prohibited on many platforms, but it is still present in their businesses.

Ccoins continues to develop its Roadmap for the coming years, seeking to further improve the user experience and security in all Cryptocurrency transactions.

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