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Why is it safe to operate in Ccoins?

es seguro operar en Ccoins blogs ccoins 01

The P2P markets serve as a meeting point, whether you are a buyer or seller of Cryptocurrencies. That is why we tell you what makes it safer to operate in Ccoins.

5 features that your Cryptocurrency wallet should have

caracteristicas debe tener wallet criptomonedas blogs CCoins 01

Do you want to carry out operations with digital currencies? Then you should know that you need a Cryptocurrency wallet. This is an instrument that is used to store, manage Crypto assets and keep the keys that allow you to access them. The wallets, purses or virtual wallets allow you to make balance inquiries and […]

How is a Cryptocurrency trading platform safe for you?

plataforma trading de criptomonedas segura blogs CCoins 01

Choosing a trading platform is a process that you should not take lightly. It deserves a careful evaluation to guarantee the best conditions to operate in the financial markets. At this point, it doesn’t matter too much if you are a newbie to the Crypto world or if you are an expert investor; If you […]

What are Ccoins Trade Disputes?

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Ccoins’ trade disputes mechanism combats fraud and allows you to resolve conflicts that may arise concerning transactions. Protection on Ccoins Through Escrow All exchanges on the Ccoins P2P market are protected by our security deposit system, called Escrow, which safeguards the cryptocurrencies involved in the transaction while the buyer and seller meet all the conditions […]

Six precautions to manage your wallet

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Below you will find six precautions to manage your wallet and essential tips to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio safely. Wallets are applications that allow you to send and receive cryptocurrencies from your phone or computer. In them, you can store your cryptos without giving up their custody and thus maintain control of your assets and […]

5 Trading Strategies You Can't Miss

5 estrategias de Trading que no puedes perderte

To succeed in today’s market there are several financial rules that require more than capital. In the search for profitability and economic stability, one word has taken relevance: Trading. Do you know what it means? This Anglicism refers to trade or transaction, it is the purchase and sale of assets listed on financial markets. The […]

5 Terms Needed to Understand How Cryptocurrencies Work

5 terminos necesarios para entender como funcionan las criptomonedas

In an increasingly interconnected world characterized by speed and immediacy, the digital realm becomes ubiquitous. And this includes from the way we communicate to money, being protagonists of the latter cryptocurrencies. This asset widely used worldwide and accepted as a form of payment, has its own rules that are important to understand. Sure, at first […]

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