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About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first digital asset properly denominated as a cryptocurrency and, therefore, the world’s first cryptocurrency. It was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and launched in 2009. Bitcoin was intended to provide an alternative to the conventional financial system in light of the 2008 crisis. It consists of an exchange and transaction registration system, called the blockchain, that works within its public network. This is the system by which Bitcoin transactions are registered and stored. These records are immutable thanks to the complex cryptographic processes that are present within the Bitcoin infrastructure.

Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has become very popular around the world thanks to its high market capitalization and the increase in the price of its unit of value (the bitcoin).

What can you do with Bitcoin on Ccoins?

How do I acquire bitcoins on Ccoins?

As a Ccoins user, you can buy or acquire bitcoins on our platform. You just have to enter our P2P market and choose from hundreds of offers available 24 hours a day, or if you wish, you can also create your own offer.

Do you have other cryptocurrencies but need bitcoins quickly?

Don’t worry! On Ccoins, you can use the balance of other cryptocurrencies and perform a Flip to bitcoin. You can use our specialized Flip tool to convert whatever you want.

Do you want to sell bitcoins as safely as possible on a P2P platform?

Don’t worry! Ccoins is the perfect solution if you want to sell in the safest and fastest way on any P2P platform. You can create your own sales offers or choose from the hundreds of sales offers that are on the Ccoins market. Thanks to our Escrow system and our Liveness Test, you will always be safe in every exchange.

Flip from bitcoin to other Cryptocurrencies?

Thanks to Ccoins Flip, you can convert your bitcoins to any of the other cryptocurrencies our platform supports. You can convert to Ether, Tether, or USD Coin and freeze your funds in USD.

Join the Most Advanced Cryptocurrency P2P!

Only in Ccoins, Buy and Sell your Cryptocurrencies at the best price through hundreds of offers in our P2P market or convert them to any of our 30 available cryptocurrencies.


Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

This is because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created. Thanks to the large community that developed around this cryptocurrency in its beginnings, it has become the most valuable and most recognized cryptocurrency in the world today.

Of course! In 2021, El Salvador became the first country to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender within its territory. Bitcoin enthusiasts hope that more countries will join this initiative.

Of course! Now more than ever, you can use your bitcoins for many things, since more and more people and businesses accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Thanks to its infrastructure, it has become a very popular online business payment method.  

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