5 features that your Cryptocurrency wallet should have

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Do you want to carry out operations with digital currencies? Then you should know that you need a Cryptocurrency wallet. This is an instrument that is used to store, manage Crypto assets and keep the keys that allow you to access them.

The wallets, purses or virtual wallets allow you to make balance inquiries and see all the operations executed with the Cryptocurrencies.

As you can see, a digital wallet contains sensitive information. Therefore, you should know what features a Cryptocurrency wallet must have to be safe and reliable. In this article we will tell you five basic aspects that you should consider before choosing a virtual wallet. Join us.

The importance of having a good Cryptocurrency wallet

A wallet is very important when talking about Cryptocurrencies, since it is the tool that allows you to store and manage them.

Although users can store their Cryptos on centralized exchanges, these platforms often have under their control the private keys needed to access your Cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, if you want to have absolute control of digital currencies; then you must have a good wallet or virtual purse that guarantees autonomy, security and reliability in transactions.

Main characteristics that your wallet must have

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Choosing the right Cryptocurrency wallet is essential for managing Cryptos securely.

However, when selecting a virtual wallet, Users often have doubts about the essential features that this digital tool should possess.

In order to clear up any doubts you may have, we list the five basic characteristics that a secure Cryptocurrency wallet must have.

Control of the money

A Cryptocurrency wallet offers various options for managing digital currencies. Individual management (only the user owns the private keys), joint management (the user and the platform own the keys); and management by a third party (the platform has control over the keys).

It should be kept in mind that; Both the responsibility of the user and the security of the funds will increase or decrease depending on the management or control chosen to manage Cryptocurrencies.


To ensure that Cryptocurrency operations are secure and confidential, wallets must have good validation tools. For this reason, before choosing your wallet, make sure that it incorporates the following forms of validation:

  • Full validation: which downloads the entire chain of blocks.
  • Simplified validation: which downloads only the hashes of the block.
  • Centralized validation: from a third party.


With the objective of ensuring greater transparency in Crypto transactions, wallets offer several options to view the development code.

The reliability of the platform will depend on the type of code that the virtual wallet has. The three forms of transparency are:

  1. Totally transparent: The code of the platform or app can be audited and verified by the users.
  2. Transparent: The code can be audited, but not verified by the users.
  3. Nothing Transparent: The code is private and its operation is remote.


Cryptocurrency wallets may be hosted in environments that may be vulnerable to viruses or insecure (no authentication steps).

If the environment where the application is installed is unsafe; It will be essential to strengthen passwords in wallets and devices to prevent funds from being stolen.


When operating with investments in digital platforms, the most important thing is to have a platform that guarantees the confidentiality of the data stored there.

Specifically, the Cryptocurrency wallet must keep your personal data safe, as well as the IP address from which you connect. Verify that your wallet guarantees a high level of privacy of all your information.

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With CCoins your Cryptocurrencies and investments are always protected and safe

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At CCoins we offer you a multifunctional web platform with all the tools you need to buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrencies safely.

CCoins is a globalized platform, easily accessible and multilanguage. You can access it in Spanish, English and French.

In the P2P market you will be able to carry out purchase-sale transactions with all the guarantees for the fulfillment of the operations. Our mission is to guard your assets.

For this reason, we do not release the money until compliance with the conditions of the purchase or sale offer is confirmed. Thus, our role is essential to prevent fraud associated with the exchange.

Security is key in our services, which is why we have a special system designed for your protection. It is a process equipped with the highest identity verification technology called KYC, intuitive and very easy to execute.

Guaranteeing you a shielded environment in which you can enter without risk and operate with absolute confidentiality.


Now that you know the characteristics that a Cryptocurrency wallet must have, it will be easier to choose the best virtual wallet.

Do you want to operate in the Crypto world without risk? At CCoins you will have agile and reliable transactions.We help you grow, choose your preferred Cryptocurrency and execute trades in a truly secure environment. We have a trained staff to meet any requirement you may have. Get to know us.

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