What is Ccoins? Discover all the features of this cryptocurrency platform.

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Ccoins is a p2p cryptocurrency marketplace that is designed to offer its users an easy and secure cryptocurrency buying and selling experience. With Ccoins, users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, USDC, and Bitcoin Cash safely and reliably. The platform has various features that make it stand out from other cryptocurrency platforms.

Ccoins Features

Proof of Life: One of the main features of Ccoins is its Proof of Life system, which makes transactions in the p2p market more secure by making sure there are no third-party users. This means that users can be sure that they are dealing directly with the seller or buyer of cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries.

Escrow: Ccoins also has an escrow system, which guarantees that the two parties in a p2p exchange comply with the agreement, generating trust in each transaction. This escrow system is an added security measure used to ensure that all transactions go through fairly and smoothly.

Exchange Rating: Another of the outstanding features of Ccoins is the ability to evaluate the counterparty in a transaction. Users can rate their counterparty after each transaction, allowing them to earn reputation on the platform. In addition, users can also follow the sellers that interest them the most and vice versa, which guarantees greater visibility of the offers in the P2p market.

Payment Methods: Regarding the forms of payment, Ccoins allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through cash, consignment or transfer to the seller’s bank accounts. This makes the purchase process easy and accessible for those users who prefer to use more traditional payment methods.

Cryptocurrency Swaps: Ccoins offers the possibility of making cryptocurrency swaps in one click with very low commissions. This allows users to exchange different types of cryptocurrencies easily and quickly, without the need to go through complex or expensive processes.

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Ccoins as a P2P marketplace

As we mentioned before, Ccoins is a p2p cryptocurrency market platform that offers a wide variety of features for its users. Its Proof of Life and Escrow system make transactions more secure and reliable. However, the Ccoins P2P market also offers the same functionalities that any P2P platform on the market can offer, it even offers some improvements to these features to make the platform more competitive.

Ccoins allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. Whether you’re sending cryptocurrency to a friend or buying something online, you can be sure that your transactions will be processed quickly and securely. With Ccoins, you can also create and send recurring cryptocurrency payments, which is ideal if you need to make recurring payments to someone.

Another cool feature of Ccoins is its ability to create and send cryptocurrency payment links. This means that you can create a payment link for a specific transaction and send it to the person who will pay. The person simply clicks on the link and can make the transaction quickly and easily. This feature is ideal for sellers who need to send invoices to their customers or for those who want to make transactions easier.

Regarding security, Ccoins has an advanced security system that guarantees that all transactions are safe and that your funds are protected. They use advanced encryption technology and two-factor authentication to protect your data and transactions. Additionally, Ccoins keep your funds in cold wallets, which means your funds are stored offline in a secure environment to minimize the risk of cyber attacks and other security risks.

In addition, Ccoins has a customer support system that is available at all times to help you solve any problem or answer any question you may have. If you’re having trouble with a transaction or need help navigating the site, the Ccoins support team is here to help.


Ccoins is a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace that offers many useful functions and features. From the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency with complete security, to the ability to trade cryptocurrency in a single click, send and receive cryptocurrency payments, create payment links and make recurring cryptocurrency payments, Ccoins has everything you need to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, easily and safely.


Being a platform that seeks to improve the experience of P2P cryptocurrency trading, we have implemented a set of tools that will allow the less experienced user to match the more experienced users, thus creating a competitive and secure trading environment.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

Ccoins is a cryptocurrency electronic commerce platform that works under the P2P trading methodology, it has a multi-crypto market and multi-tool utilities, which allows its users to have the great features of the large exchanges in a friendlier platform.

Ccoins is characterized by being a platform that seeks security in the exchanges between its users, and guarantees a competitive environment for all users.

Ccoins, being a multi-crypto platform, has a cryptocurrency market with different characteristics, however you can find the most influential and versatile cryptocurrencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, which are accepted currencies on any platform or place in the world, and we also have stablecoins such as Tether and USD Coin that will help you improve your crypto investment portfolio.

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