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About Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is a Cryptocurrency that has become a favorite among investors and blockchain developers. It was created in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, Mt. 

Gox Cryptocurrency exchange platform and eDonkey file sharing network. Stellar’s main goal is to provide a fast and low-cost payment platform that can be used all over the world.

Star Story begins with the creation of the Star Development Fund in 2014. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops and promotes the Stellar platform. The fund is backed by several big names in technology and finance, including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. The Stellar platform uses a technique called Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus to validate transactions.

This method is very efficient and can process up to 1000 transactions per second. This is very important because it means that Stellar can process large amounts of transactions in real time, making it ideal for online payments and financial transactions.

What you can do with Stellar in Ccoins

Receive Stellar

Now in Ccoins you can receive other very important Cryptocurrencies within the Crypto ecosystem, such as Stellar (XLM). If you are a Ccoins user you can store your XLM in your multi Crypto Ccoins Wallet.

Send Stellar

If you have Stellars in your multi Crypto Ccoins Wallet, you can send it to other wallets, these shipments can be made internally, that is, to other Ccoins users or to external wallets.

Buy Stellar with Flip Ccoins

If you want to obtain Stellars quickly and safely, Ccoins is the ideal option for you, now through the Ccoins Flip you can acquire your first XLM through a quick Cryptocurrency conversion.

Convert your Stellar with Flip

If you have a Stellar balance in your Ccoins Wallet and want to obtain another Cryptocurrency, don’t worry, now in Ccoins you can convert your XLM into another Cryptocurrency quickly and safely through an almost instantaneous conversion process.

Stellar Advantage

  • Exchange gateway between Cryptocurrencies and Fiat money: Stellar also offers many exciting features, including the ability to trade any currency, including Cryptocurrencies and fiat. Furthermore, Stellar has very low transaction costs, which makes it attractive to both businesses and individual users.
  • Ideal for sending money over long distances: One of the most popular uses for Stellar is international money transfers. The platform allows users to send and receive money around the world quickly and cheaply. This is especially important for people who work abroad and send money home.
  • Best management in ICOs:Another important use of Stars is the creation of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). The Stellar platform is often used as the basis for the launch of new Cryptocurrencies due to its efficiency and low cost. Some of the most popular Stellar projects are Mobius, Smartlands, and BloomX.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

Of course it is, in recent years Cryptocurrencies have become more popular within business establishments, and coins like Stellar are being used for recurring payments within these establishments.

This is due to the characteristics of the coin itself, since being a relatively new Cryptocurrency it presents state-of-the-art functionalities, which has had an impact within the community.

Stellar (XML) is a Cryptocurrency since it has its own Blockchain network, due to this fact it is considered a Cryptocurrency and not a token.

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