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Polkadot (DOT) is currently one of the most influential and popular Cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this we have decided to include this Cryptocurrency in our Crypto catalog, allowing our users to send and receive this currency.

Making shipments from Ccoins is easier and safer than on other platforms, here you can use the Ccoins Flip where you can send Polkadot, Having any other Cryptocurrency in our portfolio, with our Ccoins wallet you will have two options to send to other wallets, you can make a Standard shipping where you send your funds in DOT to other wallets, and the option to Send Auto-Flip where you can send the funds of the Cryptocurrency you want and they will be received in Polkadot in the wallet to which you have send it to.

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Standard Transfer


Go to the button Send, that is located in the left banner of your account, being there select the shipping option Standard.


Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to send, in this case select Polkadot.


Enter the Polkadot wallet address where they will arrive, and that works on the  Polkadot web


Enter the amount you want to send and once you are sure of the information provided, click on Send.

Auto-Flip Transfer


Go to the button Send in the left banner of your account, there select the shipping option Auto Flip.


Choose the Cryptocurrency that you want the other party to receive, in this case Polkadot.


enter a Compatible wallet address with the previously selected Cryptocurrency, that operates through the Polkadot web.


Now select the Cryptocurrency where the funds will come from that will be converted into  Polkadot.


Enter the amount you want to send and once you are sure of the information provided, click on Send.

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Of course, at Ccoins all users can send or withdraw at any time on any day.

This sending time can vary depending on the Cryptocurrency or token you are sending, but in general the coin with the longest verification time usually takes 10 minutes and the coin with the shortest verification time only a few seconds.

Of course it does, every time you send your Cryptocurrencies to another address external to Ccoins within your transaction profile you will be able to see the details of each shipment including the transaction Hash.

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