Phishing: Characteristics of attacks and how to avoid them

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When we talk about data security or security measures on web platforms, phishing or some practice related to it is most likely mentioned, and it is that today it is perhaps one of the biggest problems that Cryptocurrency users can face and not only in this area but at a general level on platforms or websites.

However, many do not know what phishing means and even so, it is likely that they have had contact with one of these tactics without being aware. But many wonder What is Phishing? Phishing can be defined as the set of techniques or procedures to steal confidential data from a person or company by tricking them into giving up their personal information, such as passwords, or financial information such as credit card details.

Now that we know what phishing is, we must understand why it is important to be careful with this type of practice and, above all, how we can avoid it.

Characteristics of Phishing Tactics

Sometimes some users are aware of the concept of this type of practice, since at present they have become very popular, with email messages being the most recurring and best-known modality, however, despite the fact that a person knows this procedure How can we identify a phishing message from a normal message?

Below we will present some of the most common narratives that can be found within messages that are targeted by phishing procedures.

Misleading communication: People who practice phishing are perfectly aware of the necessary techniques to manipulate their victims and make them give up their confidential account data through malicious messages and files, generally these messages are executed in applications where they can go unnoticed. (for example, in the email inbox)

This is due to the fact that although there is a spam tray, some of these messages go directly to the inbox and therefore we believe that they are legitimate, but we must always bear in mind that these violations can happen, and even more so when emails phishing scams often seem safe. A good option to avoid this is by verifying the sender’s email, and the hyperlinks it contains.

Sense of alarmism and need: The most used methodology in phishing practices is to convey to the user a feeling of acting as soon as possible, either because their account is “Insecure” or “someone is trying to enter without permission and it is necessary to change your credentials” but of course all this is false. For example, users can enter their banking credentials on a cloned website to “Recover” an account that is supposed to expire soon.

By creating a false sense of insecurity or need to act, it is a recurring deception because it works. That is why it is recommended to keep your most important accounts under constant and thorough monitoring or you can choose to install email protection software that will do this for you, thus keeping your data safe.

Use of emotional resources: When phishing practices are executed, psychological tactics are used to convince the targets and make them act in a way that benefits the attackers or act without thinking.

The first thing they seek is to create a climate of trust by posing as a support agent or simulating messages from a platform’s security system, thus creating a false sense of security by being a message from a “trustworthy” source. and then act hastily and urgently. This is why attackers take advantage of human emotions, such as fear and anxiety, to achieve their goals.

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How to avoid being a victim of phishing

The best way to avoid being a victim of this type of malicious tactics is to know how they operate, however, below we will leave some tips that you can use to avoid being a victim of phishing.

  • Be wary of weird email addresses: Check the email address of the “institution or person” sending the message before opening the message. For example, if it is an email from a bank and the sender is the name of a person or has nothing to do with the bank, it is most likely false.
  • Check the text for errors: An important practice is to look for some type of error, be it a typo or some character that does not fit the narrative and the context of the message.
  • Check the links of each email: Something that you should always do is be wary of each link that comes from an email, for this reason it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the web page and that it has web security certificates.
  • Beware of threats: Always be wary of those emails whose narrative is negative and alarmist, emails whose messages are “Your account will be suspended” or “Your account and personal data may be in danger”, most of the time they are emails that seek to make the user enter in a panic and try using the links in the email.
  • Keep in mind the form of the greeting: Currently, most platforms already have a good mail customization system, which is why many times you will see emails that refer to you by your first and last name: however, when the emails come from attackers they use the same email as ” username” or greeting in a very general way.


As we can see, phishing attacks can have a set of characteristics that help us identify this type of attack from a normal email. It is also very important to keep in mind that the best way to avoid falling into this type of trap is to know the existence of it and always mistrust emails. However, there may be some recommendations or practices that when put into practice will keep us safe, as well as help us better identify phishing.

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Phishing is a type of tactic that seeks, through digital and psychological methods, that a user unknowingly delivers their data to access a relevant or highly important platform such as a bank or wallet.

It is important because by knowing it in depth we can always keep in mind the various forms or practices used for this strategy to be successful, so we can avoid falling into it.

Despite being so little known, phishing is very popular today, it is even likely that you have in your email inbox one or another email dedicated to phishing.

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