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The Ccoins Multifunctional Wallet is an important tool within our platform that can help you when you need it. When you are a registered user of Ccoins, you will have access to your Wallet and use all its tools, from a converter called Flip to a multi-crypto manager where you can manage, and manage all the funds you want to store in your Wallet.

Our Wallet was created to be simple, complete, fast, and efficient. That is why we have a friendly user interface in sight, with all the necessary tools at hand to comfortably manage all the digital assets that our users want to store in their Wallet.

We also have protection and backup service hosted by BitGo, which is the best custodian of digital assets at an institutional level. This has the best protection technology that can exist, keeping the funds offline and being managed through multi-signature technology, shielding our platform from possible attacks and hacks.

Each Ccoins Personal Wallet is enabled for the user when he or she completes the registration process, in a said Wallet you will be able to find all relevant information on the cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and stable tokens (Tether, USD Coin) that we offer, in addition to our digital currency called CCUSD which is a digitization of the US dollar, you can also find the addresses of each cryptocurrency and token in the wallet section.

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Functionalities of the Wallet of Ccoins

When we talk about wallets on any crypto platform, you will most likely always think that it is “a tool to send and receive cryptocurrencies”; but at Ccoins we want to change that thought. This is why by being part of Ccoins you will be able to have access to a versatile, secure wallet with tools that will facilitate the management of your digital assets.

Below you can find each of the functionalities or tools offered by our multifunctional Ccoins wallet:


Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Within the catalog of cryptos that CCoins offers, we can find 3 types of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, stable Tokens, and the digital dollar of Ccoins, each one fulfills a function within this P2P platform. Soon we will add more crypto assets such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DAI, and Dash, among many other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum): They are those that have their Blockchain network and can be created through the mining process, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two great pillars in this category, they have the two largest market capitalizations and are very demanded worldwide, soon we will be including other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, among others.

Stable Tokens (Tether and USD Coin): They are those digital assets that operate under the Blockchain network of one or more cryptocurrencies, their main attraction is that they maintain parity of 1:1 against the US dollar, Tether and USD Coin are the first two stable tokens within Ccoins, later we will be including DAI in this catalog.

Digital Dollar (CCUSD): It is the digitization of the US dollar and offered to our users as a currency to carry out strategic actions such as freezing other digital assets, it is for exclusive use within Ccoins, therefore users cannot take this asset out of the platform.


Receive in Wallet

The functionality of receiving any of the cryptos mentioned above is very special within Ccoins since we have developed a new feature for this process integrated into the wallet, and that is that now you will not only be able to receive your favorite cryptocurrency in Ccoins but you will also be able to use the new Receive Flip process that will allow you to accept a cryptocurrency and convert it into another automatically.


Send from Wallet

As the functionality of receiving, the functionality of sending any crypto within the Ccoins catalog is also very special, with this functionality you can send your cryptocurrencies or tokens to other Ccoins wallets or any external Ccoins wallet. You will also have access to the new Send Flip process where you can send a cryptocurrency without having a balance in this cryptocurrency, for this our wallet will take care of using the balance you have in another cryptocurrency or token and make the shipment.


Flip Coins

The Ccoins Flip is perhaps one of the most versatile tools within our wallet, and it is that with the Flip any user can make conversions between the cryptocurrencies and tokens that are in the Ccoins catalog or convert to the digital dollar of Ccoins CCUSD.

The Flip will allow you to do different types of conversions and have multiple possibilities when freezing some cryptocurrency, or combine it with the Send and Receive processes and do fantastic things.

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Ccoins is the fastest and safest platform to trade crypto assets

No, to create a more friendly and comfortable process with all our users, Ccoins through Bitgo keeps the private keys protected, making the process of sending and depositing much easier.

Of course, you will be able to make deposit or shipment transactions with other external wallets, as well as you can use internal transfers to make shipments to wallets of other Ccoins users without any type of commission.

This depends on the type of cryptocurrency that is participating in a transaction, for example for Bitcoin transactions they run on the Bitcoin network, for Ethereum transactions they run on the Ethereum network, and for transactions involving stable tokens ( Tether and USD Coin) will run on the Ethereum network.

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