What information is public on my profile?

CCoins como funciona pilares ccoins

When a user goes to Ccoins and sees the publications of another user, it is common for them to be interested in the user’s information and reputation within Ccoins. Therefore, before initiating an exchange, buyers and sellers almost always view the profile of the user with whom they are going to exchange; in Ccoins, we wanted to create a profile design that provides other users with relevant information for their exchanges but without damaging the privacy of the user in question. Therefore, the information that you can view within the profile of each user is:

  1. Username (does not have to be the real name)
  2. User image (does not have to be the real photo)
  3. Number of exchanges
  4. Summary of active offers
  5. The date you joined Ccoins
  6. Verifications that the user has made: mail, telephone, identification, residence address, proof of life
  7. Number of followers
  8. Number of blocks by other users

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