Does the Cryptocurrency market open and close at a specific time like the stock market?

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If you are a person who comes from operating in the stock markets or in Forex, this question is probably very valid for you, and if so and you have asked yourself this, it is likely that you have not been investing or operating within the Cryptocurrency ecosystem for a short time. And although you may now feel a little disoriented, you should not worry, since it is very normal to have this type of doubt and it is better to clarify them than simply taking something for granted.

To answer this question without so much detour, we confess that within the Cryptocurrency market there is no opening or closing time, that is, it does not open or close at a certain time, since this is a market without interruptions because it is a global market and that is why it will always be open. However, and despite this nature, there are many factors that we must take into account when investing.

As we mentioned before, there can be a lot of confusion when starting to invest in Cryptos, especially if we have come from investing in the stock market where there are established “rules”. And it is that in the broad market of shares and securities in the stock market there are certain hours, and these are governed by the market to which they belong, and when we speak to the market we are speaking to the country or region.

In contrast to this, the market within the Cryptocurrency ecosystem is very different, in this market the transactions are global in nature and are not anchored to the time of a specific country. Due to this feature it would not make sense to have a time by region, since it would be impossible to determine an opening and closing time, since the day starts at a different time in different parts of the world.

In the Cryptocurrency market you can buy and sell your digital assets whenever you want. This is why you can find that the different Crypto trading platforms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which gives the user greater comfort since this allows them not to have to limit themselves to having a specific schedule or of being forced to stay up all night to be able to operate in a market that is not in its normal business hours.

Recommended trading hours?

Despite the fact that within the markets of the Cryptocurrency ecosystem and in its trading platforms there are no fixed opening and closing hours, there are suggested or rather recommended hours for the most experienced traders.

And it is that if we take into account that the Crypto market is active all the time, in theory we will have 24 hours a day to be able to trade, however there are hours or moments of the day where the market is more active, that is, these busy times are those hours when the most influential regions within Cryptocurrency trading start their day.

For example, we may find ourselves in New York on any given day and we see that at approximately 7 PM there is a significant change in the general market, be it a greater number of transactions, variations in the price of different currencies, etc. This is because despite the fact that the market is global, people from the Asian continent are starting their day and logically the market is much busier at 7 PM in New York since transactions in the Asian market begin to move.

And this does not mean that despite the fact that the market is more active at these times, transactions from these regions do not occur at other times, what we mean is that when a region begins its day, this start affects the other regions since that in theory there are more participants or active users in the market.

So, what are the recommended hours in the Crypto market, and what else affects the market?

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North American or United States time

Like all regions, this begins early in the morning, around 9 AM in North America, however, you should keep in mind that being such a large region there are different time zones or time slots, which means that this time may vary. but not much in the whole territory.

Asian time

Like North America, Asia also has different time zones that can vary between countries, but an important clue is when we focus on the most influential countries or those that move the Crypto market the most in that region, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. In previous years, China was the undisputed leader of this region, but with the regulations that the Chinese government implemented regarding Cryptocurrencies, they lost prominence.

European time

This is a more homogeneous block since the countries that move the Crypto market the most are very close to each other. Although it is true that Europe has almost no great importance or impact within the Cryptocurrency market, it is a region that provides monetary liquidity to the market.

As you can see, there are different types of reference hours that we can take into account when analyzing the market or when making an investment, a very common practice if you find yourself in any of these hours and want to know when the market will be most active. It is by doing an investigation of time differences between one region and another, in this way we will be able to know how many hours there are, for example, between New York and London, from this investigation we only have to calculate the time in which the market will move in our local time.

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This is because Cryptocurrencies were designed to be a means of payment or transfer of value, therefore it is essential that they are always active.

Really, any schedule is good if it suits you as a merchant or user, however, a good idea is to try to focus your economic activity on the hours when the largest number of important regions are active.

Of course, let’s remember that a region is said to be active because the vast majority of its users are operating, and this usually happens at the beginning of the day, and this depends on each region, however this does not mean that you cannot operate with users from a region during off-peak hours, since in practice the markets are always active.

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