The Role of Large Investors in Bitcoin Volatility

papel grandes inversores volatilidad bitcoin CCoins Blogs 01

Manipulation in financial markets, including Bitcoin, refers to someone who uses hidden or deceptive methods to control prices in their favor. Large investors, known as “whales,” have so much Bitcoin that they can move the market. Sometimes, they may use unethical tactics to drive the price up or down, benefiting at the expense of others, […]

Banks push cryptocurrency adoption: What’s going on?

bancos impulsan criptomonedas CCoins Blogs 01

The financial world is undergoing a remarkable shift as major U.S. banks and financial institutions push the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adjust guidelines that prevent them from offering cryptocurrency-related services to their customers. The move has sparked a heated debate about the role of banks in the crypto ecosystem and its implications for […]

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