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Buying DAI With Your Bank Account

As more and more people adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment method, the popularity of stablecoins has increased significantly. This is because stablecoins such as DAI maintain a value equivalent to 1 USD. DAI is ideal for electronic purchases or purchases of goods in stores that allow payment in cryptocurrency.

At Ccoins, we have adapted to these new trends, and that is why we always seek to give our users the safest and most comfortable means of purchasing stablecoins such as DAI. We have therefore compiled the safest payment methods used in each country. Primary among these, and one of the most popular, is the bank transfer. On Ccoins, you can acquire DAI by making a bank transfer from your bank of choice to the seller.

To keep both parties to a transaction safe, Ccoins has implemented an escrow system. This system keeps the cryptocurrencies involved in a transaction stored in a guaranteed deposit controlled by Ccoins until conditions of the exchange are met. Neither the seller nor the buyer will be able to move the cryptocurrencies involved until the exchange is completed.


The Best Offers to Buy DAI via Bank Transfer

On Ccoins, you can search our P2P market for the best DAI purchase requests by bank transfer available in your country. Thanks to this, you only have to filter until you find your ideal offer.

Advantages of Buying via Bank Transfer on Ccoins

Greater security: If you want to make an exchange on Ccoins safely and without any errors, we recommend using bank transfer as your payment method because it is commonly used by everyone. In addition, bank payments always leave a proof of payment, which you can use to corroborate your side of the transaction. This promotes the trustworthiness of transactions made on Ccoins.

Greater speed: When we talk about bank transfers, we are talking about speed. Although nowadays, there exist some cryptocurrencies with faster transaction times than those offered by traditional banks, a domestic bank transfer is still one of the fastest payment methods available. Domestic bank transfers take an average of 5 minutes per transaction, making them an ideal payment method for the fast and secure purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Verifiable transactions: Bank payments and transfers always produce a receipt, since all banks must keep a record of every transaction made by their clients. This allows Ccoins users who pay by bank transfer to easily review and provide proof of the payments they have made and the transactions they have entered into, an undoubtedly positive feature.


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Is bank transfer the only payment method available on Ccoins?

No. On Ccoins, the most popular payment method is bank transfer. However, we also support other payment methods, such as digital wallets and cash deposits, among others.

What happens if my bank is not listed as a payment method?

Don’t worry if you do not find your preferred bank in the list of payment methods available in your country. If this happens, just make a request for Ccoins to add it as a new payment method. Our team will then evaluate its characteristics to check if it is totally secure and meets our requirements. During the evaluation period, you can use the standard bank transfer payment method. The only difference is that this will not be as personalized as it would be with your preferred bank.

If I can buy crypto with my bank account, why don’t I just do that without using Ccoins?

If you execute an exchange outside of Ccoins, the transaction may not be safe. That’s why it is important to use Ccoins to carry out exchanges: we have created a group of security features and tools that will keep our users safe in each transaction.

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